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Vermont Made Episode 11: Cultivating Vermont Trans Voices with Out in the Open

“I hope part of what we’re doing by making more trans voices audible is interrogating whose voices get to count, or whose voices are important, or whose voices sound like what we might expect or don’t.” — HB Lozito

HB Lozito and Grace Johnston-Fennell of Out in the Open collaborate with Rae Garringer of Country Queers to launch the 2023 Trans Audio Retreat, an opportunity for rural trans and nonbinary creatives in Vermont to foster community and let their voices be heard.

Learn more about Out in the Open at and more about Country Queers at

The 2023 Vermont Trans Audio retreat is supported with a Digital Capacity Grant from the Vermont Arts Council.

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“There is something really particular about having two queer people or two trans people who share identity in some way, get to have this very intentional space for a conversation that we don’t always get that in the world.” — Rae Garringer
“We’re all very excited to be offering people a comfortable, beautiful place to be for the week, and that we’re really excited to provide three meals a day. Delicious meals, prepared by someone locally that is a part of our community. And so I think just the feeling of nourishment, being nourished by food, also having rest, time for respite is something that I’m just hoping people feel that they’ve experienced when they leave.” — Grace Johnston-Fennell