Vermont Arts Council


Endangered species lanterns by Kristian Brevik, photo by Martin Caird.
Endangered species lanterns by FY2020 Creation Grantee Kristian Brevik. Photo by Martin Caird.

“Artists form the foundation of a state’s creative environment. Artists act as creators and individual entrepreneurs who provide many of the products and designs that drive innovation and shape a state’s cultural character. Many artists also work as educators, providing training in creative skills and passing on cultural traditions from one generation to the next.”

— from “Why Should Government Support the Arts,” as published in 2014 by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (updated 2017).

Support for Artists

The Vermont Arts Council supports the work of artists through professional development, funding, and other resources. Each year, the Council awards grants for the creation of original work, time in residencies, skill development, and business training. The Council also hosts workshops and networking events. Our current grants for artists are as follows:

  • Artist Development Grants support the professional development efforts of artists at all stages of their careers.
  • The Vermont Art in State Buildings program is dedicated to enhancing working environments by improving the character and quality of state-owned buildings and public spaces.
  • Creation Grants support the creation of new work by Vermont artists of all disciplines.
  • Creative Futures Grants provide aid to artists who continue to struggle financially due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artist Directory

CreativeGround provides a listing of artists in Vermont and the five other New England states.


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