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Who Are Vermont Creatives?

colored segments representing the creative economy
The seven creative segments in Vermont and the percentage of workers in the field. Source: Mt. Auburn Associations, 2019.

Creative Sector /krēˈÄdiv ËˆsektÉ™r/ :  the collective enterprises, organizations, and individuals whose products and services are rooted in artistic and creative content

Vermont’s creative enterprises and activities are tremendously diverse, ranging from symphony orchestras to artisan furniture factories, from major employers to small farmers, from individual artists to the venues, suppliers, retailers and service providers they connect with.

Vermont’s creative sector generates 9.3% of all employment, higher than average across the US. It includes creative and non-creative jobs found inside the creative sector (e.g., a graphics design professional working in an architecture firm, or finance officer in a regional theater company) as well as creative jobs found outside the creative sector (e.g., a graphics design professional working in a hospital). Many in the creative sector are self-employed or “extended proprietors,” workers who are not full-time; either retired, in school, or have a secondary source of employment.

A 2016 study of Vermont’s creative sector economy used North American Industry Classification codes (NAICS) and Standard Occupational Classification codes (SOC) to count jobs in industries related to each of seven sub-sectors (as shown in the graphic). The study was updated in 2019 by Mt. Auburn Associates. Read more about the research.

Growing and supporting our creative sector overall requires that we zoom out and understand the whole system. It also requires that we zoom in and understand the unique strengths, assets, opportunities and needs of the very different creative enterprises, people, businesses and projects in the sector.

Click on the creative areas below to find out about the size and nature of these segments, as well as opportunities and needs specific to each. Read below for creative profiles.

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