Vermont Arts Council

Who Are Vermont Creatives?

Creative Sector /krēˈÄdiv ËˆsektÉ™r/ :  the collective enterprises, organizations, and individuals whose products and services are rooted in artistic and creative content

Vermont’s creative enterprises and activities are tremendously diverse, ranging from symphony orchestras to artisan furniture factories, from major employers to small farmers, from individual artists to the venues, suppliers, retailers and service providers they connect with.

The creative sector is a crucial piece of Vermont’s unique and desirable identity. It’s what makes our communities strong; it’s what attracts tourists and new residents and keeps people here; and it’s what makes our state unique. In 2022, arts and culture contributed nearly $1.2 billion to the Vermont economy, a 10% increase from 2021 (US Bureau of Economic Analysis). Arts and culture rank a close third behind retail and construction (Ibid). All of Vermont’s “most promising jobs” (Vermont’s Most Promising Jobs, McClure Foundation) require creative, innovative thinking skills.

Vermont’s creative sector includes creative workers in creative industries, such as a museum curator, an orchestra musician, actor in a theater company, or a dancer in a ballet. It includes creative workers in other industries, such as designer at a manufacturer or a musician employed by a church or a graphics design professional working in a hospital. It also includes other workers employed by creative industries, such a finance officer in a regional theater company or a security guard at a performing arts venue. There are also many in the creative sector who are self-employed or “extended proprietors,” workers who are not full-time, who are either retired, in school, or have a secondary source of employment. 

Growing and supporting our creative sector overall requires that we zoom out and understand the whole system. It also requires that we zoom in and understand the unique strengths, assets, opportunities and needs of the very different creative enterprises, people, businesses and projects in the sector. 

admin-place February 25, 2022