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1st page of 2-page summary

We’ve prepared a two-page summary and three one-page resources that condense ideas from the CreateVT Action Plan for easy reference, as follows:

Vermont’s Creative Moment is Now
A two-page summary of the key findings, vision, goals, and agenda laid out in the CreateVT Action Plan.

Get the Facts
Quick data points that give an overview of the current state of Vermont’s creative sector.

Why Be a Creative Sector Advocate?
Examples of innovators and problem-solvers in Vermont’s creative sector, and funding sources for local creative programming.

Build Your Advocacy Skills
Tips and resources for getting involved in your local area.

Municipal ARPA Funds Can Empower the Creative Sector
Check out ways to advocate use of municipal American Rescue Plan Act funds to empower the creative sector in this flyer from Vermont League of Cities and Towns.


The visions, goals, and strategies in CreateVT are informed by years of research. Regional, statewide, and national studies help to tell the story of Vermont’s creative sector and provide data to support its future. Explore the research in depth, and see a list of all works cited in the action plan.

Key findings

major statewide research study in 2019 on Vermont’s creative sector informed the action plan. Key findings of the study are:

  • Vermont’s share of creative economy jobs (9.3% of all employment) is higher than the average across the U.S.
  • The majority of those jobs are in design, specialty foods, and visual arts and crafts.
  • Nearly 50% of Vermont’s creatives are self-employed or freelance (compared to 40% nationwide).
  • The pace of growth in Vermont’s creative sector is lagging (8% growth from 2010 to 2018 vs. 14% nationally).

Associations, Networks, and Resource Providers

The CreateVT Action Plan includes a list of networks, associations and organizations that serve, support or connect Vermont’s creative people, businesses and entrepreneurs. This list is not comprehensive; we focus on sharing organizations and associations that operate statewide and can connect people to more local and specific resources. Some directly support a particular creative segment or discipline while others support industry, innovation, learning or other areas critical to creative sector growth. Inclusion of an organization in the list is not an endorsement of its work or policies, but a resource for further connection. View the full list.

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