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Vermont Made Episode 14: Clowning from Within with Circus Educator Troy Wunderle

“I teach juggling every single day because it has very little to do with juggling. It has a heck of a lot more to do with how you face challenges, how you celebrate successes, how you take something that seems impossible at one moment and create an opportunity for it to be possible moments later.” —Troy Wunderle

Acclaimed circus educator Troy Wunderle discusses Vermont’s vibrant circus community, the essence of clowning, and receiving the 2022 Excellence in Circus Education Award from the American Circus Educators Association.

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“It’s all about the attitude. The way in which you approach life. The way in which you face adversity. Clowns are always bouncing up against adversity and showing the world a more artistic, more creative, more optimistic way to overcome these failures and challenges to create a vibrant life.”