Vermont Arts Council


Classified Ads

The Council offers free classified ads for promoting arts opportunities to a statewide audience.

Promotional Assistance

A variety of media tools and resources to help artists and organizations promote their work. Grant recipients are encouraged to make use of these resources.

Knowledge Center


Resources and information for artists on funding, business practices, and more.


Resources and information for organizations on board governance, community development, fundraising, marketing, and more.


Resources and information for schools on standards, leaders in Vermont arts education, national arts education organizations, and more.

National/Regional Links

Resources available from regional and national organizations, with links organized by category.


Reliable information and resources intended to guide grant recipients, arts organizations, and artists who have questions about making their facilities, programs, and services accessible to people with diverse disabilities.

Tech Help Videos

Our Tech Help Videos cover all your digital programming needs, from video creation, websites, online marketing, legal considerations, digital access for inclusion of disabled people, and much more.

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