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Vermont Made Episode 13: Yestermorrow’s Elements of Shelter with Thea Alvin and Meg Reinhold

“When you think with your hands and you are empowered to use tools and materials to create things, those things don’t have to be straight lines. There doesn’t have to be a right answer.” – Thea Alvin

Artist-builders Thea Alvin and Meg Reinhold discuss the new Yestermorrow Design/Build School exhibit Elements of Shelter, on view in the Vermont Arts Council Sculpture Garden through May 2025.

Learn more about the exhibit, the artists, and Yestermorrow at, where you’ll also find links to resources and information on the climate and housing crises.

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“I was trying to bring a lot of energy into the way these things were painted and a lot of movement and a lot of direction, because these elements that we’re depicting are forces.” – Meg Reinhold

“I’d like us to look up and to see, to take our head out of our own business and to see the bigger picture…And to take a big wide look at our lifestyle and our culture and see if there are things that we can change and [ask] how can we positively affect the culture of people around us? What is it that we can do to support climate crisis? How can we support the housing crisis? What are the actual things that we can do to provide sustainable change?” – Thea Alvin

Photos from the exhibit’s opening reception on May 27, 2023

See more photos from the reception on Flickr.