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Vermont Made Episode 15: Grooving with Impermanence with Musician Rebecca Mack

“Each language is a different poet…If you take a word or a concept that you love and choose 16 languages and look at the words, and play with the words, they all feel different. Languages each have their own context, their own history, their own chutzpah that they come with, and their very own unique flavors.” —Rebecca Mack

Musician and teaching artist Rebecca Mack discusses her new song cycle, “Body,” inspired by her experiences with long Covid disability, climate change, and the shared impermanence of the human body and the Earth body.

Learn more about Rebecca and her work at Rebecca collaborated on “Body” with poet Stephanie Lynn Wilson; learn more about Stephanie at

Rebecca’s “Body” project was supported by an FY2023 Creation Grant.

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“When we can not objectify other people’s bodies, when we can not objectify our own bodies, and when we can not objectify the earth as the earth body, then we are co-created, we are in a flowing relationship where we’re in a dance. And it might be a dance that isn’t the dance that we thought we were going to be dancing, but it’s still a dance.”