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Animating Infrastructure Grants

Albany Community Trust
$15,000 to fabricate and install a river-shaped table, barn quilts, Little Free Cantastoria at Albany Country Store and green space

Revitalizing Waterbury
$15,000 to commission and install a welcoming gateway entrance to enhance the Stowe Street Alley

Town of Worcester
$15,000 to support the addition of art to a resurfaced community basketball court

Vergennes Partnership
$15,000 to integrate public art into the existing Tri-Town Shuttle bus stop on Green Street

Vermont River Conservancy, Montpelier
$15,000 to build and install benches crafted by local artisans at Confluence River Park in downtown Montpelier

Lamoille North Supervisory Union, Johnson
$10,000 to hire Juniper Creative Arts to do an art residency at Johnson Elementary School and create a large public mural on the exterior of the school

Artist Development Grants

Matt Aeberhard, Caledonia County
$2,000 to support the purchase of video equipment and hiring a professional artist as subject for eight two-minute films to promote the larger cinematic and conservation film project, Birds of America: How Birds Save Us

Angelica Aguilera, Caledonia County
$2,000 to support hiring professional videography services to promote the musical storytelling project “La Femenina Divina”

Wilder Alison, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support hiring a professional photographer for artwork documentation

Gordon Auchincloss, Caledonia County
$2,000 to support hiring a professional marketing and design company to assist with product promotion

Carling Berkhout, Rutland County
$2,000 to support mixing and mastering a debut album

Christal Brown, Addison County
$2,000 to support hiring professional marketing and website design services for an updated website including the promotion of the upcoming premiere and tour of a new dance work

Jennifer Brown, Washington County
$1,800 to support attendance at the Associated Writing Programs annual conference and bookfair in Seattle, WA

Gail Carrigan, Washington County
$320 to support attendance at an oil painting workshop

Joseph Castillo, Bennington County
$1,439 to hire a videographer and video editor to assist on upcoming music video shoots

Markeith Chavous, Chittenden County
$1,000 to support attendance at the world premiere in Scotland of the artist’s video installation “the waves and the mantram, part 1”

Sophia DiMatteo, Windham County
$260 to support professional photography tutoring

Nathaniel Eddy, Chittenden County
$1,000 to support participation in a writer residency at Vermont Studio Center

David Feurzeig, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support travel costs for the Play Every Town Project tour

Nye Ffarrabas, Windham County
$2,000 to support the cost of professional marketing and purchase materials and fabrication for a performance backdrop

William Forchion, Windham County
$1,600 to support attendance at the National Association of Black Storytellers conference in Baltimore, MD

Lucia Gagliardone, Windsor County
$1,310 to support the world premiere in New York City of the artist’s new dance work “while I was homegrowing”

Adam Glazer, Addison County
$1,000 to support the purchase of a new iPad Pro that will support illustration, graphic design, and deaf communications

Estela González, Addison County
$2,000 to support attendance at a Tin House workshop in Portland, OR and the cost of a manuscript consultation

JuanCarlos Gonzalez, Windsor County
$2,000 to support printing and framing costs for a solo show at the Billings Farm and Museum

Jarad Greene, Windsor County
$2,000 to support the cost of color flatting services for a middle grade graphic novel

Cleopatra Griffin, Windsor County
$706 to support the cost of participating in Vermont’s Open Studio Weekend

Erica Heilman, Washington County
$2,000 to support website updates for Rumblestrip

Kelly Holt, Chittenden County
$650 to support participation in the Iskra Print Collective silkscreening workshop and class group exhibition

Patty Hudak, Chittenden County
$1,500 to support attendance at Cone Editions full-day collaborative printing service

Jake Jemas, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support the cost of a studio rental and safety equipment for wooden bowl production

Andreas John, Washington County
$2,000 to support the purchase of a MacBook Pro M1 Max

Carla Kimball, Windsor County
$1,000 to support attendance at an 8-week online workshop through Maine Media Workshops

Daniel Kruglak, Chittenden County
$1,200 to support attendance at Welcome To 1979’s Annual Recording Summit in Nashville, TN

Elizabeth Kurylo, Orange County
$1,000 to support the cost of hiring professional video editing services

Alan Larsen, Chittenden County
$400 to support the final audio mastering for an album of original songs

Jen Lazar, Chittenden County
$1,000 to support the cost of attending an artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center

Katherine Leung, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support webhosting, marketing, and printing costs for Canto Cutie

GennaRose Nethercott, Windham County
$2,000 to support the cost of a national book tour promoting a newly published novel, THISTLEFOOT

Janice Obuchowski, Addison County
$1,886 to support attendance at the Association for Writers & Writing Programs conference in Seattle, WA

Rik Palieri, Chittenden County
$500 to support the cost of attendance at the NERFA Music Conference in Asbury Park, NJ

Katrina Razionale, Caledonia County
$600 to support participation in an in-depth online workshop about the science, chemistry, and use of ceramic glazes

Jamal Reid, Washington County
$1,908 to support hiring artist business coaches to develop the artist’s business

Amber Roberts, Bennington County
$800 to support marketing and advertising to promote the release of a debut novel set in Burlington

Hanna Satterlee, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support hiring PhotoGraphic TV to livestream, record, and distribute the upcoming dance performance “Tender Hearts”

Andric Severance, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support the purchase of mixing and editing software and the cost of hiring a professional audio engineer for private training and consultation

Moira Smiley, Addison County
$2,000 to support the cost of renting a rehearsal space and hiring professional musicians and a videographer

Ian Steinberg, Chittenden County
$1,586 to support attendance at Welcome To 1979’s Annual Recording Summit in Nashville, TN

Angela Talbert, Washington County
$2,000 to support the purchase of professional lapidary equipment

Misuk Weaver, Chittenden County
$2,000 to support attending a Gee’s Bend quilting technique workshop with fifth generation quilters in Alabama

Pamela Wilson, Washington County
$1,500 to support a residency at the Vermont Studio Center

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Artists in Schools Grants

Academy School, Brattleboro
$3,000 to support a multi-day residency with visual artists Mollie Burke, in collaboration with the Waterways Project, where students engage in a place-based study of the Whetstone Brook through map making.

Bakersfield Elementary & Middle School, Bakersfield
$3,000 to support a multi-day residency with puppeteer Sarah Frechette that aims to promote positive student interactions, leverage student choice and expression, engage multiple senses, and provide structured opportunities for creation

Burlington School District, Burlington
$3,000 to support a multi-day residency at Burlington High School with opera singer Sarah Cullins of the Vermont Youth Opera to learn, modernize, recreate, and perform a unique version of the 17th century opera “Dido and Aeneas”

Burlington Technical Center, Burlington
$2,650 to support a digital arts residency with illustrator Eben Schumacher exploring Photoshop and social media tools for artists

Capstone’s Brook Street High School, Barre
$3,000 will support a ten-day storytelling through printmaking residency with Jen Berger. Students will work as a team to construct a story that reflects shared realties from personal experience.

Champlain Elementary, Burlington
$3,000 to support a multiday storytelling residency with Ferene Paris-Meyer of All Heart Inspirations, which culminates in a storytelling event.

East Burke School, East Burke
$3,000 to support a 60-hour artmaking residency with Janet Youkeles that aligns with the school’s mission focused on climate and community resilience

Hannaford Career Center, Middlebury
$900 to support a residency with Vermont Young Playwrights. Each student will work with a Vermont Young Playwrights teaching artist to create a unique ten-minute play.

Hinesburg Community School, Hinesburg
$3,000 to support a residency with puppeteer Sarah Frechette through which students will research and communicate about historical figures through art, design, and presentation

Horizon’s Alternative Program, Burlington
$2,250 to support a 20-hour residency with Inclusive Arts Vt artists focused on arts-integrated lessons that incorporate community building and SEL skills.

Hyde Park Elementary School, Hyde Park
$2,650 to support a seven-day residency with Lucie deLaBruere where students will use design thinking to design a personal identity project

Integrated Arts Academy at H.O. Wheeler, Burlington
$3,000 to support a ten-day residency with Circus Smirkus which will build on movement instruction to practice valuable skills such as performance, emotion management, teamwork, and responsibility

Montessori School of Central Vermont, Barre
$3,000 to support a nine-day residency with fiber artist Pamela Wilson which will culminate in a pop-up exhibit

Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School, Bristol
$1,100 to support a multi-day residency with Claire Tebbs in which students will create individual works of art that contribute to a larger, collaborative art installation

Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District, Jericho
$2,700 to support a nine-day residency at Underhill Central School with Nancy Benerofe through which students will create multiple works of art representing math concepts

Tamim Academy of Vermont, Burlington
$2,950 to support a honey pot building residency with Binyamin “Byron” Murray in which students will explore the process of a creating a clay honey pot from the digging of the clay to the shaping of the pot to the final firing process

The INSPIRE School, Brattleboro
$3,000 to support two 20-hour expressive arts residencies with artists Evie Lovett and Ashley Hensel-Browning in partnership with Inclusive Arts Vermont

The Schoolhouse Learning Center Inc., Shelburne
$1,500 to support extend visits from Clemmons Family Farm artists. Artists will support students in creating six original performance works and will guide the students in a study of Kwanzaa and the contributions of African Americans to the cultural landscape.

Waits River Valley School, East Corinth
$3,000 to support a multi-day residency with artists associated with the Garifuna Collective, which focuses on drumming, ensemble work, cross-cultural sharing, and community building

Windham Southeast Supervisory Union, Brattleboro
$2,210 to support a multi-day residency at Guilford Central School with Linda Whelihan where students will document changing seasons on postcards that will be shared with a sibling school in Baltimore, MD

Winooski Middle School, Winooski
$3,000 to support a week-long residency as part of an expeditionary learning unit about the Harlem Renaissance with Rajnii Eddins.

Wolcott Elementary School, Wolcott
$3,000 to support a two-week residency with Heather Stearns from Muddy Brook Pottery in which students will explore the neighboring forest and incorporate found natural objects into their finished pottery pieces

Woodbury Elementary School, Woodbury
$3,000 to support a multi-day residency with Burlington Taiko culminating in a community performance

Arts Impact Grants

Project Grants

BarnArts Center for the Arts, Barnard
$4,000 to support the Global Music Residency which brings international artists into Vermont public schools for performances and workshops

Cabot Arts, Cabot
$4,000 to support the 3rd annual Cabot Village 12th Night Celebration

Central Vermont Council on Aging, Barre
$3,000 to support the Creative Aging Celebration event which showcases the artistic work of older adults and uplifts creative aging as an integral part of healthy aging

Fairfield Community Center Association, East Fairfield
$3,210 to support artists, performers, and instructors during the Black Creek Adventure Camp

Lamoille North Supervisory Union, Hyde Park
$3,950 to support a free afterschool therapeutic theatre program for children in grades K-6 that focuses on social-emotional learning

NFI Vermont – Centerpoint, South Burlington
$4,000 to support a youth-led storytelling project and performance entitled “Telling Beautiful Stories of Refugees from Africa”

Retreat Farm, Brattleboro
$4,000 to support an outdoor winter art exhibit and celebration of community creativity entitled “Artful Ice Shanties”

River Gallery School, Brattleboro
$4,000 to support the Art for Social Change program

Sandglass Theater, Putney
$4,000 to support the production of the 2023 Voices of Community program

Shidaa Projects, Montpelier
$3,500 to support the 2nd annual “Celebration of Community” featuring West African culture

Untempered Ensemble, Thetford Center
$4,000 to support two improvisational jazz performances for the community

Worcester Historical Society, Worcester
$3,340 to support the first arts and artisans festival in Worcester

Operating Grants to support administrative costs

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, $3,000

Lyric Theatre Company, South Burlington, $2,000

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, $3,000

SafeArt, Chelsea, $4,000

Saint Albans Museum, St. Albans, $3,000

Sundog Poetry Center, Johnson, $1,500

The Aphasia Choir of Vermont, Milton, $2,000

HatchSpace, Brattleboro, $2,000

The MINT Rutland Makerspace, Rutland, $2,000

The Outpost Foundation, North Bennington, $3,500

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, $4,000

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Creation Grants

Julian Barnett, Burlington
$4,000 to support the creation of a new dance work exploring the feelings of precipice and instability within our climate crisis

Naomi Bindman, North Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of a memoir that weaves together childhood stories and maternal relationships

Dustin Byerly, Montpelier
$4,000 to support the creation of Boomslang’s final album honoring Johnny Morris’ creative legacy

Thomas Dunn, Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of an installation entitled “Epochal Songs”, a posthumous collaboration with Keith Haring

Leslie Fry, Winooski
$4,000 to support the creation of two outdoor sculptures

Jonathan Gitelson, Brattleboro
$4,000 to support the creation of a new series of interactive installations for the “Sonic Blanket” project

Ariel Goodman, Waterbury Center
$4,000 to support the creation of a collaborative documentary project exploring food and resistance with immigrant dairy farm workers

Renee Greenlee, Huntington
$4,000 to support the creation of cyanotypes of water for an immersive exhibition that invites the community to engage with Lake Champlain and its watershed

Dylan Hausthor, North Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of new photographs for a monograph exploring the complexities of storytelling, faith, folklore, and the inherent queerness of the natural world

Sarah King, Ripton
$4,000 to support the creation and recording of a solo full-length album

Rebecca Mack, Burlington
$4,000 to support the creation of a new choral work

Kekla Magoon, Montpelier
$4,000 to support the creation of a memoir celebrating the non-romantic relationships that sustain a single adult

Jennifer McCandless, Burlington
$4,000 to support the creation of a series of sculptures that will explore themes of feminism, environmental issues, oppression, our relationship to ourselves as animals as well as issues around social justice

Matt Neckers, Eden
$4,000 to support the creation of a large scale, moveable, magnetic, and participatory mural

Mina Nishimura, Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of a new dance work entitled “Mapping a Forest while Searching for an Opposite Term of Exorcist”

Barbara Paulson, Randolph
$4,000 to support the creation of a marionette performance accompanied by original music exploring the concept of Liberty

Aly Perry, Hinesburg
$4,000 to support the creation of a devised immersive theater piece exploring environmental degradation and grief entitled “Solastalgia”

Hannah Regier, Athens
$4,000 to support the creation of a body of sculptural fiber art works entitled “Landcesters”

José Rivera, Pownal
$4,000 to support the creation of a multimedia science fiction work involving diaspora studies and the political and cultural history of Puerto Rico

Maria Robinson, Barre
$4,000 to support the creation of a novel entitled “Two Winters” that investigates the scaffolding of the self

Lissa Schneckenburger, Brattleboro
$4,000 to support the creation of a full-length musical album that inspires and invigorates the collective desire to make positive change

Gina Stevensen, Burlington
$4,000 to support the creation of a play set in a Vermont self-defense center that explores healthy expressions of anger, the lifelong growth that arises through developing physical confidence, and the unique bond that forms when people of different generations, backgrounds, and professions all gather to learn how to defend themselves

Leath Tonino, Ferrisburgh
$4,000 to support the creation of a creative nonfiction book manuscript about solitude, community, and nature

Kota Yamazaki, Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of a new dance work entitled “I, Ghost, The, Other, or You”

Yanyi, Bennington
$4,000 to support the creation of a poetry manuscript entitled “BOUQUET”

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Creative Aging Grants

Abenaki Helping Abenaki, Holland
$2,000 to support older adults with building connections through a focus on Abenaki cultural traditions and art-making techniques

Chelsea Area Senior Citizens, Inc., Royalton/Strafford
$2,000 to support the Ripe to Write creative writing program for seniors in collaboration with Royalton Senior Center and Strafford Senior Center

Estey Organ Museum, Brattleboro
$2,775 to support older adults in discovering, singing, and performing Tin Pan Alley songs through a collaboration of the Estey Organ Museum and the Green Mountain Strummers in Brattleboro

Lamoille Neighbors, Morrisville
$3,900 to support a series of workshops for older adults around storytelling through photography, clay building, and writing in Lamoille County

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River
$2,520 to support older adults in the Saxtons River community with creating poetry and personal narratives through the “Drawing Out the Wisdom of the Past” project in partnership with the Saxtons River Historical Society

Quahog Dance Theatre, St. Johnsbury
$4,000 to support dance and movement classes for older adults focused on building mobility, balance, pattern recognition, joy, and community

Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury
$3,000 to support a memoir writing group, led by Stephen Longmire at two assisted living facilities in Middlebury: The Residence at Otter Creek & Eastview

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Creative Futures Grants

The aim of this program is to provide aid to creative sector organizations and businesses (including sole proprietors) that continue to struggle financially due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Funding amounts are based on 2019 operating revenue.

Round 1 recipients

And Also Too, Johnson, $5,000

Bennington Museum, $95,000

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, $65,000

Brattleboro Music Center, $75,000

Burlington City Arts, $200,000

C.X. Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, $7,500

Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, $45,000

Catamount Film and Arts Center, St. Johnsbury, $162,500

Center for Arts and Learning, Montpelier, $35,000

Central Vermont Community Radio Corporation, Plainfield, $25,000

Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, $75,000

Circus Smirkus, Greensboro, $200,000

Clemmons Family Farm, Charlotte, $45,000

Corey Hendrickson SP, Middlebury, $15,000

Dorset Theatre Festival, $112,500

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium, St. Johnsbury, $137,500

Flynn Center, Burlington, $200,000

Fusion 802, South Burlington, $25,000

Haskell Free Library and Opera House, Derby Line, $35,000

HatchSpace, Brattleboro, $15,000

Inclusive Arts Vermont, Saint Albans, $25,000

Jeffrey Gale, Strafford, $5,000

Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival, Winooski, $35,000

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum at Basin Harbor, Vergennes, $137,500

Lines Vermont Studio, South Burlington, $15,000

Lyric Theatre Company, South Burlington, $95,000

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, $35,000

Northern Stage Company, White River Junction, $200,000

Oldcastle Productions, Bennington, $45,000

Raq-On Dance, Springfield, $7,500

River Gallery School of Art, Brattleboro, $45,000

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Greensboro, $35,000

Savoy Theater, Montpelier, $25,000

Shelburne Museum, $200,000

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, $55,000

Tara Lynn Scheidet, Sutton, $5,000

The Paramount Theatre, Rutland, $162,500

The Stone Church, Brattleboro, $35,000

The Studio Store, Johnson, $15,000

Theatre Adventure, West Brattleboro, $15,000

Valerie Hird, Burlington, $5,000

Vermont Comedy Club, Burlington, $112,500

Vermont Evaporator Company, Montpelier, $15,000

Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, $85,000

Vermont Jazz Center, Brattleboro, $45,000

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, $200,000

Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Burlington, $187,500

von Trapp Farmstead, Waitsfield, $75,000

Weston Theater Company, $200,000

Round 2 recipients

All Heart Inspirations, Burlington, $7,500

ART, etc., Randolph, $5,000

Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, Montpelier, $45,000

Asian Cultural Center of Vermont, Inc., Brattleboro, $5,000

Asian Homestyle Cooking, Lyndon, $5,000

Ballet Vermont, Waterbury, $7,500

Barn Opera, Inc., Brandon, $25,000

BarnArts Center for the Arts, Barnard, $15,000

Barre Historical Society, Inc., Barre, $7,500

Barre Opera House, Barre, $65,000

Big Heavy World Foundation, Inc., Burlington, $5,000

Bixby Memorial Free Library, Vergennes, $35,000

Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge, $5,000

Cardboard Teck LLC, Montpelier, $5,000

Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, $112,500

Community Art Garden, Chester, $5,000

CraftStudies, Inc., White River Junction, $25,000

Dana Caspersen SP, Concord, $5,000

Dana Walrath Studios, South Burlington, $5,000

Danforth Pewterers, Ltd, Middlebury, $200,000

Dark Shadows Entertainment, Rutland, $5,000

ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Burlington, $200,000

Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, $15,000

Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, Burlington, $7,500

Evan Webster Ink, LLC, Shelburne, $45,000

First Proof Press, Brattleboro, $7,500

Friends of Hildene, Inc., Manchester, $200,000

Friends of the Vermont State House, Montpelier, $5,000

Generator, Burlington, $65,000

Grand Isle Art Works, Grand Isle, $7,500

Greater Pine Street Business Association, Burlington, $15,000

Hardwick Journalism, Inc., Hardwick, $25,000

Harmony Collective-Artist Gallery, LLC, Brattleboro, $7,500

Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, Middlebury, $35,000

High Street & Green, Brattleboro, $15,000

Higher Ground, South Burlington, $200,000

In Tandem Arts, Burlington, $5,000

Island Arts, North Hero, $7,500

JAG Productions, White River Junction, $35,000

Janice Perry SP, Ferrisburgh, $5,000

Joan Hoffmann SP, South Royalton, $5,000

Junction Arts & Media – JAM, White River Junction, $55,000

Kingdom County Productions, Barnet, $45,000

Lamoille County Players, Hyde Park, $7,500

Latchis Corporation, Brattleboro, $55,000

Lissa Schneckenburger SP, Brattleboro, $5,000

Lost Nation Theater, Inc., Montpelier, $35,000

Marlboro School of Music and Festival, Marlboro, $200,000

Michael Arnowitt SP, Montpelier, $5,000

Michael Caduto SP, Reading, $5,000

Michael DiBiasio SP, St. George, $5,000

Montpelier Mud LLC, Waterbury, $25,000

Muichic – Florama Jewelry LLC, Burlington, $7,500

Naga Bakehouse, Middletown Springs, $5,000

New England Center for Circus Arts, Brattleboro, $112,500

New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro, $55,000

New Music On The Point, Leicester, $15,000

Next Stage Arts Project, Inc., Putney, $25,000

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, Burlington, $5,000

Opera Company of Middlebury, Middlebury, $25,000

Orleans County Historical Society, Inc., Brownington, $25,000

Polar Productions, LLC, Stockbridge, $5,000

Radiate Art Space, Richmond, $5,000

Retreat Farm LTD, Brattleboro, $112,500

River Arts of Morrisville, Inc., Morrisville, $35,000

Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, $15,000

Ruth Stone House, Goshen, $5,000

Rutland Area Art Association, Rutland, $15,000

Sage City Symphony Orchestra, Shaftsbury, $5,000

Saint Albans Museum, St. Albans, $15,000

Sandglass Center for Puppetry and Theater Research, Putney, $25,000

Sarah Letteney SP, Burlington, $5,000

Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, $7,500

Shelburne Craft School, Shelburne, $25,000

Signdesign LLC, Montpelier, $15,000

Silo Music, LLC, South Burlington, $15,000

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, St. Johnsbury, $35,000

St. Johnsbury Band Ltd., St. Johnsbury, $5,000

Stage 33 Live, LTD, Bellows Falls, $5,000

Stone Revival LLC, Stockbridge, $5,000

T.W. Wood Art Gallery, Montpelier, $35,000

The Current, Stowe, $65,000

The Foundry Workshop, Lyndon, $5,000

The MINT Rutland Makerspace, Rutland, $7,500

The Nature Museum at Grafton, Grafton, $25,000

Tinker & Smithy Game Store, Middlebury, $15,000

Town Hall Theater, Inc., Middlebury, $85,000

UVM Lane Series, Burlington, $55,000

Vermont Arts Exchange, North Bennington, $35,000

Vermont Center for Photography, Brattleboro, $7,500

Vermont Crafts Council, Montpelier, $7,500

Vermont Stage Company, Inc, Burlington, $55,000

Vermont Tortilla Company, Shelburne, $45,000

Vermont Youth Orchestra Association, Colchester, $75,000

Vermontfare, Inc, Charlotte, $45,000

Waterbury Area MakerSphere Cooperative, Inc., Waterbury, $7,500

Wild Goose Players, Bellows Falls, $15,000

Woody Keppel SP, Charlotte, $5,000

ZPOTS, Brookline, $55,000

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Cultural Facilities Grants

Barre Historical Society, Barre
$30,000 to support the installation of an upgraded accessible lift for the second floor of the Old Labor Hall

Bethany United Church of Christ, Montpelier
$11,405 to support the installation of theater and gallery lighting in performance and gallery spaces

Dorset Players, Dorset
$11,837 to support the installation of a wireless intercom system

Friends of the Capital City Grange Hall, Northfield Falls
$26,949 to support the installation of a vertical platform lift

Geothe Community Trust, Burlington
$7,198 to support the installation of a new HVAC system

Kimball Public Library, Randolph
$24,913 to support improvements to the HVAC and climate control systems

Ruth Stone House, Goshen
$18,538 to support the installation of a new heating system

Saint Albans Museum, St. Albans
$4,192 to support the installation of dehumidifiers in the basement collection storage area

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, St. Johnsbury
$19,414 to support the installation of an audio/visual and assistive listening system on the second floor

Thetford Library Federation, Thetford
$24,913 to support the installation of an accessible lift

Town Hall Theater, Middlebury
$30,000 to support a new sound system that integrates with current assistive listening devices

Town of Chelsea
$22,100 to support the installation of a new furnace

Town of Moretown
$1,848 to support the replacement of all exit and emergency lights, repair the exterior rear door, and replace the exterior side door

Town of Sharon
$17,320 to support the installation of an accessible ramp

Windsor Public Library, Windsor
$30,000 to support the installation of an accessible lift

Winooski Valley Park District & Vermont Indigenous Heritage Center, Burlington
$30,000 to support the construction and installation of custom exhibit cases and lighting for display of American Abenaki artifacts at the Indigenous Heritage Center

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Head Start Arts Integration Grants

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
$6,000 to support a partnership with Early Education Services providing visual arts and music/movement residencies for 15 Head Start Classrooms in Windham County

Burlington City Arts
$5,000 to support a partnership with Champlain Valley Head Start through a visual arts residency in six classrooms at Franklin Square and Riverside Early Learning Centers

Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury
$2,000 to support a partnership with St. Johnsbury Early Education Collaborative through residencies that support classroom teachers with leading arts-integrated activities

Community Art Garden, Chester
$3,500 to support a 9-week nature-based art residency with Emily Burkland of the Community Art Garden at the Chester Community Preschool and the installation of a nature play space for teachers and students

Rural ARTS Collaborative, Hardwick/Albany
$4,600 to support residencies in Hardwick and Albany Head Start Classrooms focused on using sustainable materials, providing high quality arts experiences, using rhyme and rhythm, and observing and understanding the child

SEVCA Windsor County Head Start, Windsor/White River Junction
$3,350, to support a storytelling residency with Marv Klassen-Landis in Southeast Vermont Community Action’s Windsor County and White River Junction classrooms

Vermont Arts Exchange, Rutland/Bennington
$5,500 to support a partnership with Bennington and Rutland County Head Starts through multi-week residencies in a total of seven classrooms

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