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Vermont Made Episode 10: A Twenty-year Legacy in Vermont Hip Hop with Boomslang

“What is that line between party, fun, message and poetry? How do you blend those things together in a way that really captivates and engages people?” – Sed One/Dustin Byerly

Sed One of Montpelier-based hip hop duo Boomslang discusses two albums, the recently released Boomslang III and the upcoming Boomslang Forever, and leaving a creative legacy after the passing of his other half, JL or Johnny Morris.

Learn more about Boomslang and buy their music at The episode includes samples from Boomslang III tracks “Just for Me” and “Wonder Why.” Watch the music video for “Wonder Why” below.

Boomslang Forever is supported by a Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant.

Boomslang III was named one of the top ten albums of 2022 by Seven Days and one of Times Argus‘ noteworthy albums of 2022.

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“Hip hop’s growing and expanding everywhere, so that’s happening here as well. But Vermont has a lot of interesting demographic and geographic things that set it apart and create unique opportunities and challenges for it in this tiny little state.”