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The Barrette Center for the Arts
The Barrette Center for the Arts, home to Northern Stage theater company, in White River Junction

About the Zone

3CVT stands for the “Cornerstone Creative Community” and includes the counties of Orange and Windsor

Read the 3CVT Zone Brief from the CreateVT Action Plan. These briefs give an overview of the creative economy in each of Vermont’s creative zones, including analysis of strengths, challenges, needs, and more. For more insights about Vermont’s creative economy and a comprehensive vision for its future, read the full CreateVT Action Plan.

Visit the 3CVT Web Page, hosted by the East Central Vermont Economic Development District, and connect with the zone on Facebook.

This 2016 study of the Creative Economy of East Central Vermont prepared for the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission and the East Central Vermont Economic Development District defines and depicts a portion of Vermont’s growing Creative Economy. Executive Summary.

Zone Agent: Meghan Asbury, Planner, Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission, Woodstock, [email protected]

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The 3CVT Zone maintains its own community discussion email list. Use the list to engage, discuss, and interact with one another directly about 3CVT’s creative economy and issues that are important to the 3CVT Zone.

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