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CreateVT Action Plan

The CreateVT Action Plan is a vision and roadmap for a Vermont that thrives through creativity, inclusivity, and innovation. Developed by the Vermont Creative Network over three years in partnership with hundreds of Vermont creatives, the plan builds on years of research and collaboration to serve our creative sector into the future. Now is the moment to empower and invest in Vermont’s creative sector, and in turn let creativity and innovation shape an equitable and prosperous Vermont.

In our vision:

  • Arts, culture and creativity are essential infrastructure
  • Vermont communities thrive through creative expression and enterprise
  • Creatives and creative enterprises succeed in a diverse, connected, and collaborative environment

Explore the full CreateVT Action Plan below. You can also learn about our research and planning process, and find creative sector resources in our toolbox.

Read the Action Plan

Use the PDF reader to navigate the action plan in your browser, or explore by section using the table of contents below.

Read the full CreateVT Action Plan in a new browser window.

Read a two-page summary of the key findings, vision, goals, and agenda laid out in the action plan.


Hiawatha Elementary students take part in a lantern parade in 2016. Photo courtesy of Hiawatha Elementary.


Land Acknowledgement
CreateVT Values / Equity Acknowledgement

Executive Summary (print friendly version)

Introducing CreateVT
Making the case for an action plan to move Vermont's creative sector forward.

Vermont's Creative Sector Today
A rich survey of the state of Vermont's creative sector drawing on a range of federal economic data sources. The research paints a picture of a sector that is far larger, deeper, more complex and more impactful than most people realize.

The CreateVT Vision
The three main visions that set the stage for the goals, strategies, and actions in the plan. The CreateVT vision describes the Vermont that we love, the Vermont that we believe in, and the Vermont that we will work toward. 

CreateVT Action Framework
A framework showing how everyone can get involved in advancing the CreateVT Action Plan with specific roles to play, strategies and actions to support the plan's goals, and agendas for action at every level of the community.

Closing Thoughts

Zone & Segment Briefs
Overviews of each specific field and region within Vermont's creative sector.

CreateVT Appendices
A variety of supplementary materials including glossaries and works cited, resource and contact lists, and more.


Community Workshop convened community gatherings and led development of the plan. Artist and organizer Shanta Lee Gander joined the team to complete the plan in 2021. Mt. Auburn Associates and its partners Melissa Levy of Vermont-based Community Roots and Stuart Rosenfeld directed the research portion of this project.


This project is supported by major grants from Jane’s Trust and The Windham Foundation. We are also grateful for support from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, the National Life Group Foundation, and the Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation.