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Creative Sector Action Plan

Leaders in government, business, and the creative sector agree that there is now a critical need for statewide analysis and coordinated action to advance the creative economy. To address this need, The Vermont Creative Network is developing a comprehensive, research-based action plan to strengthen and expand the state’s creative economy. Read more in this press release.

The Action Plan Will

  • document the scope of creative enterprises across Vermont
  • identify concrete ways to boost the economic viability of the creative sector
  • build synergy between creative industries and other sectors
  • help to align future workforce development with the needs of Vermont’s creative businesses
  • position Vermont as an attractive place for artists, young people, and creative entrepreneurs

This study builds on several years of prior research, partnership-building, and community inquiry, including national research and two regional studies of the creative economy—one of east central Vermont, completed in 2016, and another of the Northeast Kingdom, released in January 2019 (Executive Summary).


The consulting team for this project includes Mt. Auburn Associates, the lead contractor, and its partners Melissa Levy of Vermont-based Community Roots, and Stuart Rosenfeld. Mt. Auburn Associates and Stuart Rosenfeld have worked collaboratively for over a decade on creative economy plans for states and cities across the nation (including Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Berkshire County, MA).  Stuart Rosenfeld and Melissa Levy worked together on the creative economy plan recently completed for the NEK.


This project is supported by major grants from Jane’s Trust and The Windham Foundation. We are also grateful for support from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the National Life Group Foundation.