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creative economy: performing arts visual arts and fine crafts, design, film and media, culture and heritage, specialty foods, literary artsThe creative economy covers a broad range of industries, some of which directly produce or perform art and others that use artistic creativity to differentiate their products and create valued experiences. Often, the sector is seen as those working visual arts and fine crafts, culture and heritage, design, literary arts, performing arts, film and media, and artisan foods—well-represented in this graphic from a 2016 study on the creative economy in east-central Vermont.


A statewide study of Vermont's creative economy is currently under way. Many other valuable studies, focused on Vermont and beyond, inform the work of the Network.


Notes From Outside the Box is full of news about the Network and the creative sector. It is published monthly; sign up or read archived issues here.


CreativeGround spotlights creative people and places at work throughout New England. This online tool, created by the New England Foundation for the Arts, is made to connect cultural nonprofits like libraries and theaters, creative businesses like recording studios and design agencies, and artists of all disciplines such as performing arts, visual arts, and crafts.