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VCN | About

Milton Rosa-Ortiz, courtesy Generator Makerspace, Burlington.

The Network was established by the Vermont Legislature in May 2016 as an initiative of the Vermont Arts Council. The Network is a broad collective of organizations, businesses, and individuals working to advance Vermont's creative sector.

A comprehensive, research-based action plan for moving Vermont's creative economy forward is underway.

Vermont Creative Network Structure

Network Steering Team

Creative Zones

The Vermont Arts Council’s facilitates the development of the Network, operates Network convenings, conducts and reports on research on the creative sector, and communicates broadly about progress.


  • Common Good Vermont
  • Downtown Program/Agency of Commerce and Community Development
  • Regional Development Corporations/Agency of Commerce and Community Development


  • The Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation


Thanks to Visual Communication Design students from Champlain College who worked with Community Development and Applied Economics students from the University of Vermont to create the new logo as part of UVM’s Applied Community Planning class in spring 2020. The six colors represent each creative sector zone. Read more about the logo on our blog.