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Legislative Arts Caucus

What is the Legislative Arts Caucus?

Photo of the Montpelier, VT Statehouse

The Legislative Art Caucus was formed to:

  • advise the Arts Council and its constituents about legislative issues affecting arts policy and budgets
  • inform legislative colleagues about the benefits of the arts in Vermont and provide leadership on arts policy
  • promote a legislative agenda for the arts and build consensus around arts budget and policy issues

The Arts Council will:

  • advise the Legislative Caucus about issues important to Vermont’s arts community so that members are well prepared to report to the legislature about the arts
  • provide data that substantiates the role of the arts in economic productivity, educational success and community well-being
  • inform constituents about efforts being pursued by legislators to put art and culture at the center of Vermont community life
  • provide an in-house forum through which issues and concerns about Vermont’s culture and heritage may be discussed and policies formulated

Vermont’s Legislative Arts Caucus Members 2017





{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Sen. Becca Balint’) }}BrattleboroWindhamEconomic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Education; Senate Rules Sexual Harassment Panel; Joint Rules; Legislative Committee on Judicial Rules; Workforce Development Council
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. John Bartholomew’) }}HartlandWindsor-1Agriculture and Forestry
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Bill Botzow’) }}BenningtonBennington-1Commerce and Economic Development
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Mollie Burke’) }}BrattleboroWindham-2-2Transportation
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Sen. Alison Clarkson’) }}WoodstockWindsorEconomic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Government Operations; Sexual Harassment Panel; Legislative Committee on Judicial Rules
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas’) }}BradfordOrange-2Health Care; Legislative Council
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Peter Fagan’) }}RutlandRutland-5-1Appropriations; Joint Fiscal
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Martha “Marty” Feltus’) }}LyndonvilleCaledonia-4Appropriations; Clean Water Working Group
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Mary Hooper’) }}MontpelierWashington-4Appropriations; Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Mitzi Johnson’) }}South HeroGrand Isle-ChittendenHealth Reform Oversight; Joint Rules; Legislative Council
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Jill Krowinski’) }}BurlingtonChittenden-6-3Transportation; Rules; Joint Rules
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Diane Lanpher’) }}VergennesAddison-3Appropriations; Vermont Child Poverty Council
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Sen. Richard McCormack’) }}BethelWindsorAppropriations; Health and Welfare; Government Accountability Committee; Vermont Child Poverty Council
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Alice Miller’) }}ShaftsburyBennington-3Education
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Mary Morrissey’) }}BenningtonBennington-2-2Corrections and Institutions
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Michael Mrowicki’) }}PutneyWindham-4Human Services
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Sen. Alice Nitka’) }}LudlowWindsorAppropriations; Judiciary; Joint Committee on Judicial Retention; Canvassing Committee
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Carolyn Partridge’) }}WindhamWindham-3Agriculture and Forestry
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Albert “Chuck” E. Pearce’) }}RichfordFranklin-5Education
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Ann Pugh’) }}South BurlingtonChittenden-7-2Human Services; Joint Legislative Child Protection Oversight Committee
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Heidi Scheuermann’) }}StoweLamoille-1General, Housing, and Military Affairs
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Sen. Michael Sirotkin’) }}South BurlingtonChittendenEconomic Development, Housing, and General Affairs; Finance; Judicial Retention; Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Tom Stevens’) }}WaterburyWashington-ChittendenGeneral, Housing, and Military Affairs
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Valerie Stuart’) }}BrattleboroWindham-2-1Commerce and Economic Development
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. George Till’) }}JerichoChittenden-3Ways and Means; Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Tristan Toleno’) }}BrattleboroWindham-2-3Government Operations; House Rules; Joint Rules
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Catherine “Kitty” Toll’) }}DanvilleCaledonia-WashingtonAppropriations; Joint Fiscal
{{ ‘[email protected]’|email_link(‘Rep. Kate Webb’) }}ShelburneChittenden-5-1Education
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