Vermont Arts Council

Vision: Creative enterprises succeed in a diverse, equitable, connected, & collaborative environment

We envision a Vermont where all creative people, entrepreneurs, small businesses, facilities and organizations have the connections, resources and support they need to thrive. This means acknowledging the discriminatory failures of many systems both past and present and creating new, inclusive ones to promote, connect, and support the entire creative sector, including those who are non-heteronormative, new Americans, migrant workers, people with disabilities, and other groups. It also requires us to proactively develop resources, systems and channels that allow creatives to grow and thrive: business support programs, technical assistance, peer support networks, and statewide promotion to amplify creative sector offerings.

The following goals list recommended strategies for achieving the goals. Recommendations are just that—there are many potential ways to implement the plan. The best approaches and actions will vary with different groups and communities, with time and changing conditions, and with stage of implementation.

Goals & Strategies

goal 7 | SUPPORT

Creative people and enterprises have abundant access to the resources they need to succeed.

7.1 Connect creative enterprises to business and technical support resources
7.2 Support statewide advocacy efforts for livability, affordability and accessibility
7.3 Provide COVID-19 recovery assistance and resources and support continuing creative sector disaster resilience

goal 8 | NETWORKS

Vibrant networks support creative people, industries, and communities of practice.

8.1 Define and promote VCN membership and participation to diverse creatives
8.2 Cultivate and support existing networks of support for people who identify with traditionally underrepresented groups
8.3 Expand and publicize creative networking events
8.4 Assess and strengthen accessible, user-friendly communication and networking channels for the creative sector

goal 9 | PROMOTION

Vermont is promoted as a hub for creative talent, experiences and communities.

9.1 Promote creative content and offerings that reflect the diversity of the state and elevate the culture and creativity of traditionally underrepresented groups
9.2 Develop solutions and partnerships to expand market reach of creative sector businesses, in-state and beyond
9.3 Integrate creative offerings into statewide marketing and incentives for tourists, investors, residents and businesses

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Progress Thus Far

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