Vermont Arts Council

Vision: Vermont communities thrive through creative expression & enterprise

We envision a future where creativity is at the center of thriving, healthy, and equitable communities. Thriving communities nurture opportunities for creative expression, support imaginative approaches to leadership and community building, and employ creative talent to leverage economic development in all sectors.

The following goals list recommended strategies for achieving the goals. Recommendations are just that—there are many potential ways to implement the plan. The best approaches and actions will vary with different groups and communities, with time and changing conditions, and with stage of implementation.

Goals & Strategies


Communities are infused with opportunities for creative economic development, expression and engagement.

4.1 Support the development and improvement of accessible venues, facilities, and work spaces for creative programs and enterprises
4.2 Promote creative activities through new and existing funding programs
4.3 Develop resources to build local capacity for creative initiatives


Creatives are engaged in community building and leadership.

5.1 Create trainings and toolkits to support local and regional creative sector advocacy
5.2 Support and promote inclusive access to leadership development and opportunities for creative sector members
5.3 Support the development of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility strategies in Vermont’s creative organizations


Cross-sector collaborations amplify creativity and local economies.

6.1 Cultivate partnerships and collaborations with other sectors such as transportation, tourism, recreation, and health
6.2 Establish reciprocal outreach partnerships with organizations that reach new audiences and diverse Vermonters
6.3 Promote cross-sector collaborations by sharing resources, successful models, and stories

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Progress Thus Far

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