Vermont Arts Council

Vision: Arts, culture, & creativity are essential Vermont infrastructure

We believe that arts, culture and creativity are just as essential to Vermont’s future as roads, bridges and broadband. We envision a future where everyone from community members to state leaders recognizes the essential nature of the creative sector and invests in it accordingly. Treating art, culture and creativity as essential infrastructure means we will see a corresponding increase in statewide investment and resources, enabling policies, and education for the creative sector.

The following goals list recommended strategies for achieving the goals. Recommendations are just that—there are many potential ways to implement the plan. The best approaches and actions will vary with different groups and communities, with time and changing conditions, and with stage of implementation.

Goals & Strategies

goal 1 | RESOURCES

Creative enterprises have equitable access to robust public, private and community funding and resources.

1.1 Expand, develop and diversify accessible public and private funding streams to support the creative sector
1.2 Develop and promote policies and funding programs that ensure equitable access to resources
1.3 Collect, synthesize, and share statewide data on the creative sector and its return on investment

goal 2 | EDUCATION

Educational systems develop creative talent, skills, access to, and appreciation for arts and culture.

2.1 Foster accessible, creativity-infused education programming from early childhood through college and adult education
2.2 Encourage programs that expand creative sector mentorship, career development, certifications or credentials of value, and workforce training
2.3 Promote inclusive professional development and learning opportunities in all creative disciplines

goal 3 | POLICY

State and local policies are designed to equitably support creative enterprises and infrastructure.

3.1 Organize a statewide advocacy team and annual strategy
3.2 Build capacity for advocacy within the creative sector and Vermont Creative Network
3.3 Create a multi-audience communications campaign and toolkit to increase awareness of and support for the creative sector

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Progress Thus Far

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