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Three Visions

The CreateVT vision describes the Vermont that we love, the Vermont that we believe in, and the Vermont that we will work toward.

The three visions below set the stage for our goals, strategies, and actions. Listed with each are three supporting goals, and with each goal are strategies to achieve that goal.

Recommendations are just that—there are many potential ways to implement this plan. The best approaches and actions will vary with different groups and communities, with time and changing conditions, and with stage of implementation.

Vision One: Essential Vermont Infrastructure | Vision Two: Vermont Communities Thrive | Vision Three: Creative Enterprises Succeed

Colorful pavement art in Montpelier at the intersection of State Street and Elm.

Spotlight: Better Places Program | Statewide
State organizations in community development, public health, the arts, and philanthropy have partnered with the Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development to create “Better Places”—a new grant program designed to activate and enhance public spaces through placemaking. In 2020, $130,000 of private funds from partner organizations were used to support eight pilot projects around the state. The legislature approved $1.5 million in funding to continue this initiative. In addition to funding projects, Better Places is also an experiment in more equitable, accessible grantmaking: it pools funding from multiple entities and streamlines the application process, provides technical assistance, and incorporates crowdfunding as a way to democratize support. Photo courtesy of Richard Amore, Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development.

Arts, culture, & creativity are essential Vermont infrastructure

Arts, culture and creativity are just as essential to Vermont’s future as roads, bridges and broadband. When we prioritize them as such, we will see a corresponding increase in statewide investment and resources, enabling policies, and education for the creative sector.

Goals & Strategies

goal 1 | RESOURCES

Creative enterprises have equitable access to robust public, private and community funding and resources.

1.1 Expand, develop and diversify accessible public and private funding streams to support the creative sector
1.2 Develop and promote policies and funding programs that ensure equitable access to resources
1.3 Collect, synthesize, and share statewide data on the creative sector and its return on investment

goal 2 | EDUCATION

Educational systems develop creative talent, skills, access to, and appreciation for arts and culture.

2.1 Foster accessible, creativity-infused education programming from early childhood through college and adult education
2.2 Encourage programs that expand creative sector mentorship, career development, certifications or credentials of value, and workforce training
2.3 Promote inclusive professional development and learning opportunities in all creative disciplines

goal 3 | POLICY

State and local policies are designed to equitably support creative enterprises and infrastructure.

3.1 Organize a statewide advocacy team and annual strategy
3.2 Build capacity for advocacy within the creative sector and Vermont Creative Network
3.3 Create a multi-audience communications campaign and toolkit to increase awareness of and support for the creative sector

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Two people holding camera equipment standing in a dirt road lined with trees.

Spotlight: The Media Factory | Burlington
Plenty of people dream of being on TV (or film, or radio…), but the Media Factory in Burlington makes it possible for people to create and broadcast their own productions. The community media center provides the tools, training, space, equipment and access to distribution channels that give people the power to share their stories. This community resource has big impacts: providing affordable training and equipment for digital content production, removing barriers and increasing equity in media, building 21st century career and business skills, improving transparency in community and government communication, and of course fueling creativity. Photo courtesy of the Media Factory.

Vermont communities thrive through creative expression & enterprise

Creativity is at the center of thriving, healthy, and equitable communities. When we foster local creative enterprises, infrastructure, leadership and collaborations, it pays off in community building, problem solving, vibrancy, livability, and economic benefits.

Goals & Strategies


Communities are infused with opportunities for creative economic development, expression and engagement.

4.1 Support the development and improvement of accessible venues, facilities, and work spaces for creative programs and enterprises
4.2 Promote creative activities through new and existing funding programs
4.3 Develop resources to build local capacity for creative initiatives


Creatives are engaged in community building and leadership.

5.1 Create trainings and toolkits to support local and regional creative sector advocacy
5.2 Support and promote inclusive access to leadership development and opportunities for creative sector members
5.3 Support the development of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility strategies in Vermont’s creative organizations


Cross-sector collaborations amplify creativity and local economies.

6.1 Cultivate partnerships and collaborations with other sectors such as transportation, tourism, recreation, and health
6.2 Establish reciprocal outreach partnerships with organizations that reach new audiences and diverse Vermonters
6.3 Promote cross-sector collaborations by sharing resources, successful models, and stories

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Two people stand in a long hallways viewing an exhibit about the Pullman porters on the wall.

Spotlight: Vermont African American Heritage Trail | Statewide
Black heritage and history run deep in Vermont, if not always visibly. The statewide African American Heritage Trail aims to change that by promoting the museums, historic sites, exhibits and cultural hotspots that reveal Vermont’s Black history through the stories of teachers, activists, ministers and legislators who lived here. Connecting these sites and stories through a statewide trail and promoting in partnership with Vermont’s Department of Tourism and Marketing draws visitors, attention, and revenue to these essential historic sites. Adding layers like spoken word poetry connects Black history to Vermont’s vibrant Black culture today. Photo courtesy of Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home.

Creative enterprises succeed in a diverse, equitable, connected, & collaborative environment

A strong creative sector means thriving creative people, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. We must dismantle inequitable systems, increase access to resources, and promote a diverse creative sector that includes underrepresented groups like people of color, indigenous people, LGBTQIA2S+, new Americans, migrant workers, and people with disabilities.

Goals & Strategies

goal 7 | SUPPORT

Creative people and enterprises have abundant access to the resources they need to succeed.

7.1 Connect creative enterprises to business and technical support resources
7.2 Support statewide advocacy efforts for livability, affordability and accessibility
7.3 Provide COVID-19 recovery assistance and resources and support continuing creative sector disaster resilience

goal 8 | NETWORKS

Vibrant networks support creative people, industries, and communities of practice.

8.1 Define and promote VCN membership and participation to diverse creatives
8.2 Cultivate and support existing networks of support for people who identify with traditionally underrepresented groups
8.3 Expand and publicize creative networking events
8.4 Assess and strengthen accessible, user-friendly communication and networking channels for the creative sector

goal 9 | PROMOTION

Vermont is promoted as a hub for creative talent, experiences and communities.

9.1 Promote creative content and offerings that reflect the diversity of the state and elevate the culture and creativity of traditionally underrepresented groups
9.2 Develop solutions and partnerships to expand market reach of creative sector businesses, in-state and beyond
9.3 Integrate creative offerings into statewide marketing and incentives for tourists, investors, residents and businesses

Learn more about this vision's goals and strategies.

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