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Classified Ad: Executive Director

Posted: November 11, 2017
Category: Job Postings
End Date: December 31, 2017


The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration and management of Revels North, including productions, programming, fund-raising, marketing, finances, community outreach efforts and education and business operations. This is a full-time, salaried position with flexible working hours. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors. The following sets forth the general responsibilities of the Executive Director:

Board Governance
• Responsible for leading Revels North in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.
• Provides all financial and other materials necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decision, including without limitation monthly financial statements.
• Attends all Board and Committee meetings as a staff member.
• With the Board President and Executive Committee, arranges logistics for Board and Committee meetings and prepares any necessary documentation and other materials for Board packages.
• With the Board President and Executive Committee, provides help with identifying and developing new Board members.

Financial Performance
• Responsible for the fiscal integrity of Revels North, including working with the Finance Committee to develop a proposed annual budget, submitting the proposed annual budget to the Board, and ensuring preparation of monthly financial statements for the Board, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.
• Responsible for the fiscal management of Revels North in keeping with best practices and procedures established by the Board, and that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures appropriate resource utilization, and maintains the organization in a positive financial position.
• Ensures financial books and records are maintained.
• Responsible for fundraising and for developing other resources as necessary to support the mission of Revels North. Supervises and oversees all fundraising activities of the organization, including benefit events, and engages with donors.

• Oversees and manages all Revels North non-Artistic personnel, including but not limited to hiring competent, qualified staff, compensation of staff, and annual evaluations.
• Oversees and manages the Artistic Director.
• Engages and retains a diverse group of volunteers.
• Oversees management of inventories (costumes, props, merchandise).
• Oversees sales of merchandise.
• Serves as liaison to Revels, Inc., including monitoring of all contractual arrangements.
• Develops and implements the Revels North marketing plan, including monitoring costs and reviewing and approving marketing and publicity materials including web site content.
• Formulates, recommends to the Board, and administers all major policies and procedures and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Promotes the organization’s mission by being active and visible in the community, and demonstrates honesty, integrity and trustworthiness at all times.

Production and Programming
• Enters into contracts with artistic and production personnel, as needed, and negotiates and monitors performance venue contracts.
• Works with the Artistic Director to determine what productions and education and outreach programs the organization should undertake, and manages the administrative/non-Artistic components of productions and programs.
• Approves all production budgets.
• Attends all post-production wrap-up sessions.
• Develops and oversees education/community outreach programs that are complementary to the mission of Revels North and the productions offered by Revels North.

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Please mail or email a resume and cover letter that includes your salary history to:

Attn: Sean Fleming
Revels North
PO Box 415
Hanover, NH 03755

Please be prepared to submit, upon request, three written recommendations and contact information for references. To ensure full consideration for the position, all application materials should be received by Friday, December 1st; however, the position will remain open until filled.

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