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Classified Ad: RFP – Waterbury Train Station Community Room Refresh

Posted: September 7, 2017
End Date: November 1, 2017


Revitalizing Waterbury is looking for a partner to help refresh a community gathering space located at the Waterbury Train Station. The partner must have proven expertise in developing creative solutions within a budget. It must demonstrate the ability to both understand and highlight the history of the community as it is presented in the space.

PURPOSE OF THE TRAIN STATION COMMUNITY ROOM: The Community Room is used as a waiting room for Amtrak passengers, provides a second entrance to the Green Mountain Coffee Café and Visitors Center and provides tourist information to visitors. Volunteer Waterbury Community Ambassadors staff the space during high tourism traffic times of the year.

At present, the train station as a whole sees over 200,000 visitors annually from across the globe.

GOAL: To update the look and improve the usage of the Train Station Community Room owned and operated by Revitalizing Waterbury (RW). The overarching goals for the refresh are:
- showcase the history of the town of Waterbury and the Waterbury Train Station
- update a space that will serve for at least the next 10 years
- provide a comfortable space for waiting Amtrak customers
- incorporate the Kathy O’Dell memorial sculpture
- create a space/table top for the Community Ambassadors to work from
- provide tourist information about Waterbury and the central Vermont region
- visually tie the Community Room to the recently renovated Green Mountain Café and Visitor Center
- respect the historic and architectural beauty of the building

BUDGET: $12,000. The total budget is inclusive of fees and associated expenses for design, drawings, costs of materials, fabrication, installation and other project related expenses. In-kind donations and work may be utilized when possible.

SEARCH PROCESS: We are soliciting proposals and plan to invite 2-3 applicants to meet with us in Waterbury for a site visit and orientation. Finalists will be asked to develop a concept proposal for refreshing the Community Room including a timeline and budget.

RFP responses due – November 1
Site visit in Waterbury – to be scheduled
Selection – December 15
Project completion – May 2018

CONTACT INFORMATION: Karen Nevin, Executive Director, Revitalizing Waterbury at 802-793-6029 or If selected as a finalist you will be given further access to resources as needed.

MAILING ADDRESS: Karen Nevin, Revitalizing Waterbury, PO Box 473, Waterbury, VT 05676


Application must include:

1. Letter that details your interest in working on this project.

2. Answers to the following questions:

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY - In a few sentences, please share your overall design approach and/or key principles.

STRATEGIC PROCESS/APPROACH - What overall process or approach do you use to develop effective design initiatives?

NON-PROFITS - Have you in the past or do you currently work with any other non-profits? Where? Who?

EXAMPLE - In one page or less, please share with us a case study or example that exemplifies your work. Please state the problem to solve/opportunity, the process you undertook, the solution and results.

REFERENCES - Please provide 3 references of businesses/organizations or people you have worked with on a design project.

3. Resume – current professional CV/resume that includes contact information (name, business name, address, website, telephone/cell numbers and email address).


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