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Classified Ad: Looking for actors, dancers and non-acting 'real humans/ Vermonters' to star in short film [4th till 11th of March 2017]

Posted: February 13, 2017
Category: Calls to Artists
End Date: March 1, 2017


Looking for a female to play Julie, a natural mother and leader, full of fertility. Preferably long haired. To play late 20’s, early 30’s. We would be very interested to meet a real mother of a young baby as we will be casting for a baby too.

Looking for a female dancer to play Sona, (early 30's) spirited 30-something, bubbly, good with children, with natural appearance.


Looking for a male to play Jed, a once-handsome, unkept, talented blue collar introvert, who doesn’t know how to ask for help when he needs it. (early 30's)

Looking for two non actor siblings, under seven years of age who have a large pet dog.


also looking for the following crew: Sparks, PA's and Art Director.

*Please email for further Info, Press Release & Project description*

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