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Current Exhibit

I am . . .

Image by Will Kasso Condry.

I AM . . . , exploring what it means to be a Vermont artist

November 8-December 20, 2019

Works created by twenty-seven artists reveal a deep connection to the earth, the landscape, and the history of Vermont. This exhibit encompasses a range of media and illustrates how these Vermont artists have chosen to embed their cultural lineage and heritage, to bear witness to the current political atmosphere, to express trauma, to discover one’s self.

A2VT | LN Bethea | Larry Bissonnette | Bryan Blanchette | Christal Brown | François Clemmons | Will Kasso CondryRajnii Eddins | Samirah Evans | William Forchion | Shanta Lee Gander | Amy Hook-Therrien | Toby MacNutt | DonnCherie McKenzie | Mikahely | Misoo | Muslim Girls Making Change | Toussaint St. Negritude | Desmond Peeples | Hom Pradhan | Deidra Razzaque | Vera Longtoe Sheehan | Isadora Snapp | Migmar Tsering | Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees | Cai Xi | Sachiko Yoshida

Visit during Montpelier's Art Walk, 5-7 p.m. December 6.

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