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Spotlight Gallery

Due to Covid-19 the Vermont Arts Council offices, including the Spotlight Gallery, are currently closed until further notice. Until in-person gatherings are possible again, we are pleased to offer virtual exhibits.

Current Exhibit

Exploring Technology: An Artist and Astronaut Look at the Future | May 3 - August 31, 2021

The Vermont Arts Council presents Exploring Technology: An Artist and an Astronaut Look at the Future, featuring the work of Vermont Artist Pat Musick in our online Spotlight Gallery. The exhibit was conceived when artist Pat Musick lay on the top of a hill and watched Skylab 4 arc across the skies above her. Six years later she would marry the Skylab 4 Commander, astronaut Jerry Carr, generating 40 years of creativity as Musick responded to the unique world view that the space program gave to us.

View Exploring Technology.