Vermont Arts Council

Public Art: Vermont Fire Academy

93 Davidson Dr, Pittsford, VT 05763, United States

Title:  Tools of Command
Artist:  Gregory Miguel Gómez
Artist Website: 

Description: Waterjet cut aluminum is used to create relief silhouette images of firemen’s tools and equipment.  The design honors the complexity and commitment to the task of firefighting, the necessary command structure, and a respect for the history and traditions of firefighting.  The work also represents the science of firefighting, through the deliberate use of instruments (both traditional and current technology) as well as a course of action in combating a fire.  The sculpture in the lobby tower is an allusion to the traditional use of towers in firehouses, as a means for drying damp fire hoses, to prevent mildew and rotting. The sculpture for the corridor is designed in four sections to suggest an appropriate model of the Firehouse command structure.  This model places the Fire Chief in the center, at the pinnacle of the command structure with oversight of: Fire Attack, Search and Rescue, Water Supply, and Venting. 

Installed: 2010 


Desmond Peeples October 31, 2023