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Samantha Aikman, 2021 Original Poetry Winner



Last Saturday I made
a carrot cake in a green glass
pan with a chip out of the side.

We are never really all here.
We walk through days
with our heads in some
deserted cabin we once discovered
on the rocky shores of Maine,
or in the gutter beside a street lamp
in a city we once longed for.

What I mean to say is,
we are pieces.
What I mean is,
we don't always have to know
what we want.

The year I turned fifteen
I was determined to buy
a Greyhound ticket and travel south.
It didn't matter how far I got
or how long it took,
only that I was moving
towards the light
and not away from it.

I never packed the bag. I
never bought the trip.

I am still sitting here,
with a paper bag of broken glass
and an unfinished poem
on a Thursday night
that was never meant to come.

Samantha Aikman

Gold Key, 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Sam Aikman seen from the chest up, smiling at the camera, trees in the background.Sam Aikman is a junior at Big Picture South Burlington. She is passionate about reading, creative writing, sewing, and crafting. During the pandemic Sam continued to explore writing by co-creating a virtual collection of art and writing by Vermont students. She mostly shares her poetry online through the Young Writers Project and has been published many times previously in the Burlington Free Press. Sam has won two national Gold Medals and nine regional Gold Key Awards for her poetry through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.