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Sophie Leggett, 2020 Original Poetry Winner

Heartstrings (In Short)

I am sitting next
to a man on the subway
who is reading
the comics section
and smiling to himself.
The woman across
from us is kissing
her baby on the forehead.
I don’t know how
anybody can know
anybody without falling
a little bit in love.


Sophie Leggett

Gold Key, 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Sophie Leggett is a senior at Woodstock Union High School. Her passions include writing, social and climate justice, and her friends and family. A poem she particularly loves right now is "What it looks like to us and the words we use" by Ada Limon. This year Sophie won a Scholastic National Gold Medal for poetry. She shares her work however she can, and she has attended the New England Young Writers Conference at Breadloaf School of English and the Champlain College Youth Writer Conference.