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Talia Gibbs, 2021 Original Poetry Winner


You can say that I am short.
You can make fun of me all you want.
You can rest your arm on my head,
but I can kick you in the shins.
And well that may not
sound particularly nice,
I am always prepared to fight.
I’m always fighting for a say because you think I’m small—
which I am.
But you only mock me.
If you are going to point out my height,
the least you could do is slow down
when walking because I have to spend
twice as much energy just to keep up with your long legs.
So don’t make fun of me.
I’m fun-sized.
And why is short an insult,
but if I call you tall,
you won’t be defending yourself.
You won’t have to force yourself to be confident and strong
just to get noticed in a room.
So, why do you keep mocking me?
And maybe I should take it as a compliment
that the only thing you can find about me
to mock is something I have no control over.
That sure says something about me,
but what does that say about you?

Talia Gibbs

Gold Key, 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Talia Gibbs seen from the chest up, smiling at the camera with trees in the background.Talia Gibbs is in the ninth grade at Vermont Commons School. Along with writing, she is also passionate about dance, specifically ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical. One of Talia's favorite poems is "Dead Butterfly" by Ellen Bass. Her poetry has been published in the Williston Observer through the Young Writers Project, and in publications created for school. For Talia, poetry has been a way to cope with her emotions through the pandemic, and a way to escape.