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Digital Capacity

A camera in the foreground is pointed toward Kat Wright sitting out of focus in a recording studio.

Kat Wright filming a PSA for Big Heavy World's #HEARVT virtual campaign to promote local music in fall 2020. Big Heavy World received a FY20 Cultural Relief Grant from the Council. Photo by Luke Awtry Photography.

The pandemic has made clear that a strong digital foundation is essential to our future. Pandemic or not, digital arts programming is here to stay. Engaging with audiences through digital media is an ongoing need for Vermont’s arts and culture sector. 

In 2020, the Vermont legislature approved $1.15 million in funding to the Arts Council to help build the digital capacity of Vermont cultural organizations. Cultural organizations have varying levels of digital readiness and different needs, from identifying the best equipment to live-stream a performance, to navigating streaming rights, marketing digital content, training staff, or hiring a website designer. To identify top needs and priorities, the Arts Council surveyed 400 Vermont arts and culture nonprofits. We’re working with the Vermont Small Business Development Center and other partners to develop a series of free workshops for arts and culture nonprofits based on the top needs identified in the survey. Stay tuned for more details soon on how to register.

Grants for Technical Assistance

The Arts Council solicited proposals from nonprofits that provide services and support to artists across the state and that are prepared to deliver training addressing the specific needs of artists in their networks. These grants will both develop the digital skills of individual artists across Vermont and strengthen the capacity of statewide service organizations to provide digital support to the field.

Current Grantee Programming

VDA dance and technology coursesDance & Technology Mini Courses from the Vermont Dance Alliance are being held through March 22, 2022, both virtually and in person. Courses are free and cover production elements, camera movement, cinematography, editing, and more for dance video-making. Read more.




Burlington Highlight New Years EveHighlight is Vermont’s New Year’s Eve celebration, produced by Signal Kitchen and Burlington City Arts. The festival will bring Vermont’s leading artists, doers, and creators together through extensive virtual and  in-person events. Last year’s all-virtual event drew more than 7,500 attendees and supported 110 Vermont artists, bands, and creatives. This year, projected attendance is 10,000. The Arts Council is sponsoring this event with a grant of $30,000 to provide training and marketing support for participating artists. Read more.



Read the complete grantee list.

New Digital Access Workshops: Key Access for Inclusion of Disabled People

In partnership with Inclusive Arts Vermont, we’re offering a variety of online workshops through July 2022 on improving digital access to arts programming for people with disabilities. Truly accessible and inclusive programming requires specific skills and preparation, and these workshops cover essential topics, including disability etiquette, creating alt text, accessible web design and social media, graphic design and marketing practices, and more. Participation is free to Vermont non-profit arts and culture organizations. Read more and register here.

Direct Program Grants coming soon in early 2022!

Building a social media marketing strategy, hiring a web designer, covering the costs of streaming rights, or launching digital initiatives to engage new audiences—all of these activities take time and technological know-how. We’re launching a Digital Capacity Grant program in early 2022 to address these needs. The grants are intended to provide Vermont’s arts and culture organizations with the skills, equipment, and expertise they need to operate in a digital environment. Grant funds will support a broad range of activities related to creation, distribution, and marketing of digital content.