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Ellen McCulloch-Lovell Award in Arts Education

Ellen McCulloch-Lovell headshot
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell

This award is presented to individuals who have made a sustained contribution to learning in and through the arts and/or have had a positive impact on the quality of education in Vermont. The award is named in honor of Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, former Executive Director of the Vermont Arts Council and President of Marlboro College. Recognition may be for work done on the local, statewide or national level, and is expected to focus on, but not be limited to activities related to pre-K through 12 education.


Selected by the Council, the award may be given to arts educators, professional teaching artists, teachers, or administrators and others whose work has substantially improved student engagement in and knowledge of the arts who:

  • currently living and resides in Vermont
  • have a local, statewide, regional (New England), national, or international reputation in arts education as evidenced by third party acclaim or reviews from independent sources
  • have significant recognition in their chosen field by their peers in Vermont
  • have a significant body of work and/or record of service available for review by the Council


Sidiki Sylla in bright costume dancing with other dancers and drums in background.2023
Sidiki Sylla, dancer and choreographer




Eugene Uman, musician, teacher, award video

Steffen Parker
, musician, teacher, award video

Ray Vega
, musician, teacher, award video

Joan Robinson
, teaching artist, performing artist, playwright, cartoonist

John Willis
, photographer, teacher

Taryn Noelle, performer, teacher, choreographer, and director

Peter Gould,
performer, director, teacher, and author

2015 (4)
Karen Amirault, dancer, choreographer, teaching artist
Jon Gailmor, singer/songwriter, teaching artist
Geof Hewitt, poet, teaching artist
Verandah Porche, poet, teaching artist


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Nominations are accepted throughout the year. For information about how to submit a nomination, click here.


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