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Teaching Artists

Teaching artists bring vast expertise and specialized skills into schools, bridging the classroom and real-world practice. The Arts Council facilitates connections that enrich the state’s arts education landscape by investing in high-quality arts experiences in learning institutions. Supporting the enrichment of teaching artists through professional development is also a Council priority.

School Residencies

Artists on the Council’s Teaching Artist Roster are professionals with extensive experience in education. Their school residencies can be funded through the Council's Artists in Schools Grants which provide arts experiences for students and professional development for teachers of all disciplines who are interested in teaching through the arts.

The Arts Council convened a webinar, “Engaging Students and School Communities in the Time of Covid-19,” at 2 p.m., Monday, June 15, 2020. Vermont teaching artists Judy Dow and Rajnii Eddins explored their work, reflected on potential strategies, and shared ideas and questions about how teachers are preparing for the next year and what resources, supports, and/or adaptations are needed. Also presenting was Kyle Anderson, arts specialist for the Vermont Agency of Education’s proficiency-based learning team.

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