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Artists in Schools

Artists in Schools grants contribute funding to support multiday artist residencies and high-quality arts experiences in schools. Residencies may supplement instruction across the K-12 curriculum and aim to serve as a model for integration in arts and non-arts classrooms. Priority is given to projects with artists on the Council's Teaching Artist Roster. Applicants working with artists not on the roster provide background information for the artist or artist group selected for their project. All artists are expected to collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure the residency meets both arts and non-arts learning objectives and that there is a sustainable impact in the school community.

Examples of fundable projects include:

  • A math teacher works with a dancer to integrate kinesthetic learning into the classroom. Students learn about dance concepts and use them to talk about geometric shapes and spatial relationships.

  • An English teacher works with a poet or playwright to mentor students and provide opportunities for them to develop and workshop their writing.

  • A music teacher works with a professional composer to help students compose and perform original works of music.

  • A physical education teacher works with a circus artist to integrate movement, performance, and social emotional objectives into the curriculum.

  • Students work with a theater artist to explore theater concepts and to write and perform a short play focusing on key themes such as collaboration, empathy, or flexible thinking.

  • Students work with a visual artist and classroom teacher to research and document the story of place through multiple perspectives in their community through an exhibit or mural.

  • Students work with a musician to explore musical concepts and to compare or contrast cultures through drumming or music.

For other examples of previously funded projects, look at this list of recent grantees.