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Arts Impact

Arts Impact Grants support nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and schools in their efforts to add vibrancy to Vermont communities by providing equal and abundant access to the arts. The Arts Council seeks applications for projects that identify and break down barriers to participation.

Examples of fundable projects include:

  • performances, exhibits, screenings, readings, fairs, public art projects, and festivals that focus on including new audiences
  • program improvements that enable people with disabilities to participate
  • public art projects that commission an artist for the creation of new work where the community is engaged in the planning, presentation, and/or fabrication
  • creative experiences that are designed to include a specific group of a certain age, income, gender, race, ability, or to encourage interaction among these groups

Any Vermont school, municipality, or nonprofit organization not already in receipt of Arts Partnership Grant funding can apply. Read this list to see which organizations were awarded grants for FY2020.