Vermont Arts Council

The Agile Nonprofit

This professional development program supported organizations in building capacity. Nonprofit board members, directors, and staff learned strategies and tools that enable them to fulfil their missions efficiently.


The Agile Nonprofit (ANP) operated in annual cycles. Themes changed in July — the beginning of the Council’s fiscal year — and were introduced in a kickoff event. Additional workshops offered through the entire year allowed personnel from organizations to continue to engage with the overarching topic.

FY2018 | inclusion

Inclusion means learning to live full lives together. Embracing the concept means making the world our classroom and building community through treasuring diversity. To be inclusive is not only to be aware of ability/disability, race, or gender – it is to be sensitive and welcoming to all of these, and more.

The Agile Nonprofit aims to heighten awareness of the energy and intention that is required to be inclusive, and to give organizations the skills and information necessary to act on that awareness. Organizations who participate will be able to move from ideas to action. Workshops, trainings, and field trips are presented collaboratively with the Flynn Center for Performing Arts, VSA Vermont, and the Vermont Center for Independent Living. Activities will help participants build skills, increase awareness, retrieve toolkits, and participate in networking opportunities.


FY2016 | marketing, strategy, and evaluation

Organizations that attended the kick-off event in Brattleboro also attended the winter workshop where they learned how to use the “The Two Page Marketing Plan” developed by the Arts Council and Wild Genius.





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