Vermont Arts Council

The People’s Choice Award: Vicki Ferentinos

30: Vicki Ferentinos

Complete a pilot comedic series about a gay couple moving to Vermont and opening a food business

I have been performing improv and stand up comedy for 17 years. I have also been a chef for 20 years. I have merge both joys in my life and came up with this original series which celebrates diversity and Vermont. I have been writing original work for 20 years and I also write a weekly column in The Vermont Standard.

Project description

This is a pilot for a comedic series about my wife and my experience of moving to Vermont as a gay couple and opening a food business. It is a fun tale that has a broad audience and celebrates the acceptance and support Vermont has shown us.

Media Sample 1

Vermont Finals Stand Up. “It is the Vermont’s funniest finals which gives a window into our fun experience we had of moving here.”

Media Sample 2

Foreshadowing our relationship in pandemic. “Performance shadowing wife and my interactions especially during the pandemic.”

Media Sample 3

Me as chef on a show on Bravo TV. “A decade ago I won a cooking show on Bravo tv.”


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Acadia Klepeis August 18, 2023