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The People’s Choice Award: Trystan Bates

7: Trystan Bates

Create an interactive memory recording kiosk and archive at the Londonderry Arts and Historic Society

Trystan Bates is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based out of Weston Vermont. His work has been exhibited for over twenty years through solo and group exhibitions and collaborative projects in Latin America, Europe, and the United States. He frequently draws inspiration from world mythology / storytelling, history, nature, patterns of social interaction, and spiritualism which can be noted upon closer analysis of his work. He was the founder of HC Gallery and Honeycomb Arts in Buenos Aires for well over a decade and is currently working on the development of abstract series as well as more community based projects to launch in 2024.

Project description

“The Story of This Place” is an ongoing series by contemporary artist and curator Trystan Bates. The endeavor is focused on the documentation, preservation and exploration of humanity, heritage, migration, and the places we call home.

Through the creation of interactive Kiosks designed to record memories, community members are invited to share personal stories about their identity, heritage, culture, or family history.  To expand the reach and accessibility of the project,  a dedicated site and online archive containing participants memories along with other gathered material will accompany the physical kiosk. This will allow potential participants the option to utilize their electronic devices to browse the archive or contribute should they be unable to access the kiosk. “The story of this place” will document and preserve the memories, voices and stories of Vermonters, it will explore our local history through the documentation of objects and will create an opportunity to learn more about ones neighbors. Visitors to the region will also be able to enjoy an alternative, more intimate view of Vermont by accessing the site or by scanning the QR codes during their travels. Through this project and the participation of community members, a collaborative, collective portrait of our lives and the and the place we call home will emerge and grow.

My goal through this installment of “The story of this place” is to begin a project where a small community becomes actively involved in the building of a collective history about the place they live. I would like to create a situation where participants feel their voice is heard, remembered and part of something greater.

This project will increase understanding, sensitivity and acceptance in regards to diversity within the local community and by installing the project in a selected historic society, it will also increase visibility, interest and support for that locations longevity.

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Note for all three: “This was part of the first installment of the project executed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

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