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The People’s Choice Award: Tracy Haught

36: Tracy Haught

Create a short-story collection featuring women heroes

Tracy Haught is the managing & fiction editor for Isele Magazine and holds an MFA in Writing & Publishing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she was the recipient of the 2018 Phoenix Books’ Howard Frank Mosher Emerging Fiction Writer Scholarship. A poet and writer exploring themes of addiction, sexuality, women’s issues, mental illness, and homelessness, Tracy’s work has appeared in: Awakened Voices, The Bridge, Cybersoleil, Magnapoets, Helix Magazine, Hunger Mountain Literary Journal, The Lumiere Review, The Oklahoma Review, Poetry for the Masses, Polyphony, Prime Mincer, SLAB Lit Mag, Sugar Mule, and others. You can read more at Find her on Twitter: @haught_tracy

Project description

My writing tackles themes such as sexuality, PTSD, trauma, suicide, violence against women, addiction, and mental illness. I think it’s important to shine a light on the darkness, to show victims overcoming and surviving. Our world is not a safe place for women, POC, and people in the LGBTQ community. My book will challenge conceptions of how those who identify as female behave and survive, taking on the role of hero/anti-hero, intentionally and unintentionally.

My stories will be gritty, entertaining, emotionally challenging, but will also balance humor and light where appropriate. I want to give a voice to victims and encourage people to not just accept what is, but to fight for what can be. What if we lived in a society where men feared women? What if women decided to unite to protect one another when society and the judicial system fail us? What if we stopped looking down but stared back fiercely. What if, instead of #MeToo, we said #NoFuckingMore, and then fought for it.

My goal is to publish the book, and to also publish individual stories in literary journals and magazines.

Media Sample 1

“‘Habits: The Almost Sisterhood of Sister “Mustang” Marie’ is a story I wrote that challenges cultural norms/programming, prejudice, and hypocrisy.”

Media Sample 2

“‘Puking by the Sea: An Ode to Slim and a Bic Pen.'”

Media Sample 3

 “‘A Shame Not Ours to Hold.'”

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