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The People’s Choice Award: Ivan Klipstein

42: Ivan Klipstein

Creation of a five-volume series of illustrated travelogue booklets

Ivan Klipstein is an songwriter, illustrator, recordist, and performer; utilizing any and all of the aforementioned in the building of a practice which may be best described as folk anthropology. First emerging from the fertile soil of 90s DIY youth culture, the self-taught artist has ridden a long, gradual, and highly circuitous wave of photocopied comic zines, spray-paint stenciled records, and international solo tours, up to the present day. He has performed, exhibited, and led workshops in East Timor, Indonesia, China, Japan, Ecuador, Chile, Nicaragua, the UK, Canada, and all over the US. A hybrid artist, Ivan records on tape, draws on paper, and then indulges in digital formats as necessary to make the work accessible. Long-term creative collaborations with social movements for migrant justice, anti-racist organizing, and tenants’ rights are on-going and evolving. Having resided in New Orleans, Montréal, and Wisconsin, Ivan has lived and worked in Vermont for the past dozen years.

Project description

I am proposing the creation of a “Traveloguettes d’encre” series.

My own playful faux-French phrase, roughly translating as ‘inky little travelogues’. The improvised diminutizing of the word ‘travelogue’ is to convey the short format of each individual book, but also doubles as a bit of wordplay, as the verb ‘quetter’ means ‘to watch, peek, peer’, something I’m very familiar with. Observation is at the heart of my on-location drawing practice; a way of being present and connecting with the other people around me.

Media Sample 1

Mini Tour of a Few Past Finished Booklets. “Past work context.”

Media Sample 2

Sketch Book Mini Tour. “Sharing examples of the source materials.”

Media Sample 3

Mohini + Chantal + baby + dog. “Example of finished / digitized drawing.”

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