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The People’s Choice Award: Erin Barry

5: Erin Barry

‘Tis Twixt

Support the performance of site-specific fem-guerrilla community art

Erin Barry is a radical feminist community activist that bring resources, humor, love, and connection to many groups in central Vermont. Through performance, on and off stage, Erin’s warmth and experience as a doula channels the power of the Priestess and the wisdom of the womb to gather her audience in comfort and care. “I act from a deep sense of peace and connection to my ancestors, and bring to everyone I meet a sense of support and creative life force that inspires life and energy to keep going and keep creating- why else are we here?”

Project description

Performance art with community led conversation and dialogue. The goals and aspirations are to broaden the audience, expose and interaction with the piece, and to create wonderment about the womb. From the initial work done at ‘Tis Twixt, we know there is a desire to interact, be with, and explore what the YoniVerse has to offer. As artists, we want this opportunity to reach out and find out more about the YoniVerse’s impact on larger and more diverse audiences in our community.

Through physical and metaphysical interaction with YoniVerse, audiences will viscerally and intellectually deepen their understanding of the power of the womb. It will be in person performance, conversation and dialogue.

Media Sample 1

Burlington Free Press coverage of the 2019 Women’s March in Montpelier including Erin Barry on video.

Media Sample 2

“This image shows the costume of the YoniVerse with a community participant on the table.”

Media Sample 3

“This image shows Erin Barry glowing from her participation in YoniVerse.”


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