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The People’s Choice Award: Seamus Brennan

13: Seamus Brennan, Patrick Brennan, Connor Stankovich

Holy Smokes Entertainment

Create a short biographical film about rehabilitation

Holy Smokes Entertainment is a production company based in Burlington, VT that is run by Patrick and Seamus Brennan. We are brothers that both grew up to love filmmaking and both went onto study it at the University of Vermont. We are now most notable for the music videos we create, but also do documentary and commercial work around the state of Vermont.

Connor Stankovich is local musical artist from Burlington, VT. He’s most notable for being a part of the Hip Hop group 99 Neighbors. 99 Neighbors is a collective of artists that has now released two studio albums as a group. They are now focusing on putting out more solo music and that’s how Connor’s solo album came to be.

Project description

This project that we hope to complete by the end of 2023 is a biographical film telling the story of Connor Stankovich and his struggles with addiction and how it has had a direct impact on the music he creates. This film will end up being about 15 minutes long. Having it be a short film will make us focus on what’s important to show and what we can leave out. This length is also good because we’ll be touching on a lot of heavy topics so the shorter form allows will make it easier for the audience to consume.

With this film we hope to bring more shape to Connor’s upcoming album, “Low Point Retreat,” by telling the story behind it all. We want to look at this whole project as one cohesive work of art instead of a bunch of individual pieces of content. From the creation of the music, to the music videos we created, to this short film, we want it all to work together to tell Connor’s story.

Media Sample 1

MAD LIFE (Rough Cut). “Out of the 7 music videos off of the album this one relates closest to the themes and scenes that will be depicted in the short film.”

Media Sample 2

WRONG CHOICES. “This music video shows Connor’s mundane life as an addict.”

Media Sample 3


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