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The People’s Choice Award: Rachel Boettcher

11: Rachel Boettcher

Create a book of images of local artists, their processes, and creative tools

I have been very fortunate in my life and have been able to work in a variety of photographic fields.  From portraits to forensics, sports to still life, presidents to puppies, I have had the opportunity to work with many different types of subjects in a variety of situations.  That has led me to discover what I truly love about photography: connections.  It is my goal to make the viewer connect with my images.  I love when someone does a double-take at an image, finding they need to take a deeper look, or that it speaks to them in some way.  I have been photographing for over 20 years, shooting what speaks to me.  Sometimes that’s a person, sometimes it’s a bottle cap!

Project description

I moved to Vermont almost two years ago and I was amazed at the number of truly talented artists of a variety of mediums that resided close to me.  I was inspired to create a series of images focused on these artists and the creative tools they use to bring their concepts into reality. I want to share their stories and spread the vision of their creations.  I want to create a visual story of the creativity of the area through portraiture, still life, action and macro photography.  A portrait of the artist will give the viewer a feeling for the creators personality and their surroundings. The still life of a selection of their completed works will show their skills to the viewer.  Actions images of the process of creating will bring the viewer along with the artist as their vision comes to life.  Macro, or extremely close up photography, will focus on the artists favorite tools used to create their pieces.

These images will be gathered into a book that I will publish and make available throughout New England and beyond, tempting people to search out these artists and their works.  As a book release, I will have an art show at a local gallery with select printed images from the book presented. The community will be invited as well as the participants in the project.

Media Sample 1

“This is a sample of what an artist’s spread could look like in my book.  This local artist and his work are highlighted in this 2-page spread.”

Media Sample 2

“Portrait of a violin maker, testing his creation, having carved this piece by hand.  This is an example of the images in my book.”

Media Sample 3

“This is a macro shot of a simple lead pencil- a creative tool capable of amazing works of art.  This is an example of the type of images in my book.”

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