Vermont Arts Council

The People’s Choice Award: Nicole McNeill

53: Nicole McNeill

Create “Balancing Chaos” through sacred geometry and mandalas

I consider myself a Lightworker and Intuitive. I use art to bring light onto those in the dark. There are many people in the world with inner conflict. My art alchemizes energy to turn pain into self-empowerment and resiliency.

Project description

I balance chaos by transmuting pain into power inspired by sacred geometry and mandalas. My technique is unique they way I illustrate my digital art. I laser print, handprint or carve the design onto wood. If not on wood, I design for print only in black and white to representing the stars in space always trying to balance themselves out.

Media Sample 1

White Lotus.

Media Sample 2


Media Sample 3



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Acadia Klepeis August 23, 2023