Vermont Arts Council

The People’s Choice Award: Myles Trainer

78: Myles Trainer

Create an eclectic bike film on Vermont communities and culture

When creating visual arts I am invested in getting a feeling from that moment I am capturing across to my audience. I like when things are sentimental and people can relate to them.

Project description

The goal of this project is creating a video and photo story of three mountain bikers, now living in Washington, that return home (Vermont) to experience old and new mountain biking destinations. As kids that grew up in Vermont, with varying introductions to riding, we feel that there are tons of small riding destinations with solid stories of community revolving around food, bikes, and brews worth showcasing. We plan to create a wholesome, light hearted video as an ode to Vermont mountain biking paired with food and watering holes to get a full circle representation of the riding scene and people in Vermont.

Media Sample 1

“Mountain Bike Team – Episode 4”

Media Sample 2

“Unplug and Play on the Relay”


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Desmond Peeples August 22, 2023