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The People’s Choice Award: Michel Moyse

58: Michel Moyse

 Explore “interactivity” with the creation of motion paintings

Michel Moyse is an artist, teacher and co-founder/director of the Center for Digital Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources and promoting art in Brattleboro, Vermont. Michel’s artistic career spans nearly five decades and includes works on paper, glass, plastic, film, single and multi-channel projections he calls motionpaintings.

Project description

I have been exploring ‘interaction,’ ‘viewer participation,’ and ‘materiality’ in the creation of my motionpaintings for many years (these exploration are an outgrowth of previous aesthetic concerns that have guided and instructed my work since I introduced the computer to my practice in the early 1990s). But many issues/questions remain with an approach that attempts to enhance ‘interactivity’ and ‘materiality’: for example, I’m currently limited to using one video projector to ‘map’ work on various surfaces. But what might the work look like if I have 3 or 4 projectors capable of mapping various surfaces – perhaps some on walls, others free standing or suspended from the ceiling, yet others made of glass or clear acrylic? How might I integrate ‘interactivity’ in a three-dimensional installation which allows viewers to walk around various ‘planes’ in an interior space (studio, gallery, museum) and still facilitate aesthetic changes that integrate successfully with the motionpainting projections? I intend to address these questions by creating an environment in my studio space (600 square feet) and play with ‘interactivity’ options through appropriate integrated computer and projection technologies. I have all the tools necessary to do this, with the exception of mobile projectors that can project on various surfaces. That’s the reason for my current grant application.

Media Sample 1

SEE-SAW (ANDERSON & MAX PATCH FOR 3 PROJECTORS ) :30 SEGMENT. “Example of interactivity thru webcam. Any viewer who approaches this work (SEE-SAW) will initiate changes/colors in the front/right projection layer.”

Media Sample 2

OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL – 3D EXPLODED VIEW SEGMENT. “Expanded to more interesting ‘mapping’ and free-standing installation options.”

Media Sample 3

ARTRAGE AND MILLUMIN DEMO. “A touch screen would work well here (with a painting software such as ArtRage) to allow kids, artists, others to draw and see interactivity results.”

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