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The People’s Choice Award: Luciana Frigerio

83: Luciana Frigerio

Create a series of 3D collages on time and climate shifts in the environment

I am a photographer that has turned my attention to creating in mixed media collage. Originally from New York, I studied at SVA in the early 80’s. I moved to Vermont over 30 years ago, and am happy to call it home. My artwork has been featured in many print magazines and books, and is in collections all around the world.

I have shown my work in both solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

The work submitted is from a series I am currently working on, they are 3D collages assembled in the cases of clocks. As a child I grew up watching my father fix clocks, they became a part of my visual language. These play with concepts of time, musings, desire and self-contemplation. I have an internal dialogue as I make these, and sometimes they reflect personal occurrences in my life…

Project description

I plan to create a series of 15-20 3D mixed media collages housed in clock bodies that address the issues of time, as well as man’s relationship with nature (plants and animals). I plan to explore the ways in which mankind has changed the land and its inhabitants over time, and how we relate to it now.

I intend to create works in this series that are thought provoking, and hopefully provide a space for conversation regarding how we are relating to each other and our planet in this very important time. I hope to offer positive imagery as well as imagery that will stir the imagination and perhaps cause people to think about their role in what has been done over time, as well as what we can do in the future.

Media Sample 1

“Men Waves.” My most recent 3D collage created in a clock.

Media Sample 2

“Dream click.”

Media Sample 3


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