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The People’s Choice Award: Linda Bassick

6: Linda Bassick

Maple’s Busy Morning

Create animation for the original song, “Squirrel in a Tree”

Linda Bassick is a longtime early educator, musician and activist whose work centers on empowering young children, women, girls, gender non-conforming youth and other folks who may experience oppression. Linda has more than 30 years experience working with families and children in Vermont. Linda has also been performing music since she was in grade school and plays a number of instruments including, guitar, trombone and flute. Through her work in child care centers and with Girls Rock Vermont, Linda connects music to learning in a variety of settings. She has produced two albums of original music as well as a children’s music album recorded live at the Radio Bean and the Busy Morning Band album, Maple’s Busy Morning. She currently hosts three weekly Sing Alongs in Burlington and Williston, Vermont.

Project description

Through song and animation I would like to create a 24 minute children’s program. I am an early educator and life time musician.  I have worked in Childcare for more than 30 years and have found so much joy playing music for and with children. I am asking for funding to create the accompanying video to the song “Squirrel in a Tree”. This song takes place at the part in the story where it is time to go in for lunch.  Maple’s parent entices them by suggesting they pretend to be the different animals that see as the walk towards the house for lunch. I have enjoyed connecting with families and children as a teacher and through music. During the pandemic I connected through live performances online. This project is an attempt to connect with families through recorded music with a full band and through the imagery of animation. Folks will be able to connect with the work through viewing concerts we will hold in the spring. This grant will help me complete one song. When the entire album is animated, it will be released so that families will be able to view it in their homes.

Media Sample 1

Choose What You Choose (video). “First video that was made with the animation team.”

Media Sample 2

Squirrel In A Tree (audio). “Audio for the song we want to animate next, ‘Squirrel In A Tree.'”

Media Sample 3

“Storyboard for the next animated video.”

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Desmond Peeples July 27, 2023