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The People’s Choice Award: Julie Winn

81: Julie Winn

Create 12 canvas prints of original digital photo art and two new video collages for exhibition

Julie Winn is an artist and musician and a long-time resident of Burlington, VT. Julie Winn’s digital artwork is a unique blend, combining technology and her passion for photography and nature. Julie’s art focuses on landscapes, trees, and plants, and often captures the symmetry and fractal patterns found in the natural world. Her artwork is interpreted differently by everyone who sees it, and the hidden patterns and symbols intertwined in the pieces often spark discussion and different perspectives from the viewers. Julie Winn’s art has expanded more recently to incorporate more video collages using VR technology bringing her photo art to life.

Project description

I am working on a new collection to present at upcoming curated shows and potential exhibition in Vermont. It’s been about eight years since I’ve been able to create new art. Everything I have in my inventory is 8-10 years old. I had the opportunity to exhibit at a new venue recently, but my pieces were not large enough for the space. I would like to print new artwork on canvas on a much larger scale so I can have new opportunities to share my work. The cost of printing large pictures on canvas is quite expensive and I’m at a roadblock with my art without the funds needed to create new art. I use a variety of programs and play with colors, filters, lighting, and more to create my unique pieces. This creative process takes time, which this grant would help with. The resulting work would be 12 new canvas prints of my original digital photo art that I can display at art shows, as well as 2 new videos that would elevate and bring my digital art to the next level. I am trying to expand my work into immersive visual art experiences. By slowly integrating video to my collection, I think it would really help me with my overall future artistic goals I have.

I do think my artwork reveals something about the world by communicating unique perspectives. Because of the symmetry I focus on in my pieces, people are always telling me they see different things in my art. People often see faces, symbols, and hidden messages. It opens a door for conversation and invites people to share what they decipher or feel from any of my pieces, which can be vastly different for each person who view its. It allows the viewer to question, discover, and explore new ideas about the human mind, nature, and the meaning of life, since the original subject of all of my artwork is rooted in a photographic image of nature. I always feel like my artwork is nature trying to connect and communicate with us on a deeper level, since there are always very interesting patterns and intricate details in every photo.

Media Sample 1

“Intertwined.” This is an example of my old work. My new collection would be along the lines of this, but new!

Media Sample 2

“Montreal Whispers”

Media Sample 3

“In the Thick.” Short example of video. I would create something similar, bringing the digital photo art to life through video. I also wrote/recorded the music too.

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