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The People’s Choice Award: Jennifer Grossi

34: Jennifer Grossi

Project Jelinora

Create my third experimental album as a solo artist

For the past couple of decades I’ve supported other people’s music and performances. With project jelinora, at the age of almost 50, I’m using my Whole Voice for the first time, to inspire others with all the things I’ve learned how to sing and speak and shout about!

My art-site is a big window into my creative world. You’ll find videos, words and other inspiration there along with my music.

The full scope of project jelinora includes my personal creative output, plus my private network and consulting sessions to support others in growing their own Whole Voice. Also, on completion of Phase Three next spring, I’ll embark on a live performance phase of the project. Those performances will feature my Queendom Choir, who recently joined me on “The Way It Goes”, a song of ancestral healing.

Project description

Devotion to what the work itself “wants” in each moment is at the heart of my art. My songs reflect transition and transformation, AND a sense of multiple realities which co-exist simultaneously and timelessly– the usual paradox of life– and the sovereignty of Now is absolute in my creative world.

So when I create, I meditate. As belly buzzes and chest cracks open, I make sure I have tools close by to write concepts and lyrics down, to record melody and harmony with voice and piano. In the following days and weeks and months, I sit with the song, flesh it out on paper and through audio demo, then record and produce a release version with my collaborators at Dreamery Productions in West Barnet, Vermont.

I want you to engage with my art from a place of radical honesty about what’s “working” in service of transformation in your life and what’s blocking or preventing it– the better to learn what your own Voice could share that will help steer our world towards an increasingly abundant and inclusive destiny.

Phase Three of my project has just begun– I’m deep in the creation phase at this very moment! In December when the songs are ready for release I’ll be sharing them bi-weekly through my art-site. Each one will be accompanied by various content like photos, blog posts, links to my creative influences and much more. Please sign up to get my releases at, or email [email protected].

When Phase Three is complete in April I’ll make a digital download of the full EP available. (The original audio project is already out on Bandcamp, and “Phase Two: Double Honey” is scheduled for release any day now!)

Also in April I plan to begin developing my “one-femme show”, as well as shows including my Queendom Choir, to perform at libraries, small theaters and other venues around Vermont and New Hampshire. I look forward to meeting you there in person!

Media Sample 1

Yes. You. “A three in the morning song… as good a time for healing as any.”

Media Sample 2

The Way It Goes. “For all our many mothers. Features the Whole Voices of my Queendom Choir, women and femmes each vibrant and transformative in their own life spheres.”

Media Sample 3

Shame and Rain. “Begins the Story of the Pink Balloon– find the rest of that very very very short story on my website’s ‘Shame and the Rain’ songpage.”

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