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The People’s Choice Award: Hom Pradhan

68: Hom Pradhan

Create a series of new paintings reflecting the life of a Nepalese immigrant and the artist’s journey from a refugee camp to Vermont

Hom Pradhan, an artist and a resident of South Burlington, VT, was born and raised in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal. Despite the hardships and challenges to fulfill basic needs in the refugee camp, Hom was motivated to make art as a way to find and maintain inner peace and happiness. He was also involved with community work from an early age in the refugee camp.
After arriving in the US in October, 2012, he attended Winooski High School and the Center for Technology in Essex. As a high school student, Hom worked as a Camp Counselor at YMCA Camp Abnaki in North Hero, Vermont, with campers aged 7-16, where he taught art classes, organized various group activities, and provided emotional support and care to campers. He also attended Burlington College for graphic design. When you drive past Spinner Place in Winooski, you can see the manifestation of Hom’s art in the painting welcoming everyone to the city of Winooski in English and Nepali languages.

Project description

I’m originally from Nepal (as a Bhutanese Refugee). I have been here in United States for over 10 years. I would like to create new works about my past lives and the experience of living in Vermont. I will be creating meaningful paintings which will reflect the lives of people living in United States as immigrants and new Americans. The art form I will be creating is visual art, the medium for those arts is acrylic, water color and oil color. I have experienced working with all sorts of visual arts in past. I have a lot of visions regarding the work that I will be creating. My goal regarding this project is to give everyone a view of lives in Nepal and living as an immigrant through my paintings.

Media Sample 1

“The Sorrow of Leaving Home,” “Refugee Camp’s Lives,” and “The Love of Mother”

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